Illinois turkey season nears end

By Alex Aubuchon

Turkey hunters throughout the state of Illinois are enjoying their final weeks of hunting as the season will draw to a close in short order.

Illinois turkey hunting is split into two zones, the north zone, covering the northern counties of the state and the southern zone, covering the southern counties.

The season itself is also separated into five different short seasons that differ in starting time based on which zone with the south zone starting first and ending first and the north zone starting later and ending later.

Turkey season is a popular seasonal event that has become even more popular thanks to it’s ability to allow hunters to get out of the house and spend some time out in nature while also remaining safe.

Ray Aubuchon knows about some of the added benefits of turkey hunting during a time when many are stuck at home.

“Even with all the COVID-19 and all the other problems that we’ve got going on today, you can still get great social distancing and go out and hunt,” Aubuchon said.

While the state of Illinois may still be under a stay-at-home order, hunters are allowed to make their way to the woods to take part in turkey season.

Although it may be turkey season, hunting turkeys isn’t the only thing to do out in the woods.

Quincy resident Will Aubuchon sees the season as an opportunity to do more than just hunt.

“Yeah, turkey season is fun and all but it ends at one in the afternoon, there’s a lot of daylight left after one,” Will added “I go look for mushrooms or plant food plots after I’m done hunting. Getting out into the fresh air is the most important part.”

Many, like Will, believe that going outside often to get some fresh air and exercise is helpful for boosting morale during these times.

The third season ended April 29 for Adams County and all of the surrounding counties that are in the north zone.

The fourth season for the north zone kicks off April 30, and runs through May 6 with the fifth and final season ending May 14.

The south zone enters it’s fifth and final season of spring turkey season April 30 as well and will close for the spring May 7.

For more information about the spring turkey season check out the 2020 spring wild turkey hunting information sheet put out by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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