What international travel looks like during COVID-19

By Chloe Nott

A change from the usually busy, loud, thriving international terminal at Los Angeles International airport: empty seats, canceled flights. Airport workers risk their health to keep the airport functioning and clean. Will this be the new normal? Cafes are closed and no one is to be seen. Some people take every precaution, others hope social distancing will be enough. 

There is still good being done. Two men quickly jumped off the bus to help an older couple get their luggage on board. No hesitation at all. A nice reminder of the way people work together and help each other in times of hardship. While we isolate, we must remember, we are all in this together. 

I travelled internationally in March just before worldwide shelter-in-place orders made travel even more difficult. Here are some images from my journey.

Gate C17 at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) completely empty.
Rows of empty seats at gate 134
LAX airport maintenance continues working while wearing a mask and gloves
Dallas/Fort Worth International airport traveller wearing a mask and gloves and maintaining social distancing while waiting for his flight. 
Starbucks at LAX closed for business
Lone LAX traveller in a full body protective suit changes gloves
Some travellers do not wear any protective clothing or masks, while others protect as much of their body as possible from exposure to COVID-19
Travellers are unable to abide social distancing measure as public transport is the only option to navigate airport terminals
Five passengers, two cabin staff, and one dog walk towards a plane on the tarmac
Sole piano player in a large open space between terminals at LAX
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