Quincy basketball transfer from South Carolina joins Team

By Trent Champagne

Transfers are common for the Quincy University Men’s Basketball team, but it is not normally during the season.

DaMarcus Gay transferred to Quincy University to join the Quincy Hawks at the beginning of the spring semester because they were need of more players.

Typically, Quincy men’s basketball does not take transfers during the season, especially as games in the Great Lakes Valley Conference begin.

Transfer players usually come in the fall semester, as they get acclimated to the team and the campus around them. Many come from various junior college programs or another Division I, Division II school, or NAIA school.

This year, however, the Quincy men’s basketball team has been extremely low on numbers, due to injuries and other circumstances causing players to leave the program.

The Quincy Hawks had enough players to play their remaining conference games, but felt as if they needed another player to help during practice, and take some pressure off of the remaining players. 

DaMarcus Gay was their player.

DaMarcus Gay comes from Pendleton, South Carolina. Pendleton is a town in Anderson County, South Carolina. As of the 2010 census, it had approximately 2,964 residents. 

DaMarcus Gay went to Daniel High School in the town of Central, South Carolina. Daniel High School’s enrollment is 1,086 students in grades 9-12. It was placed among the top 20 percent of public schools in South Carolina.

DaMarcus played varsity basketball for three seasons at Daniel High School. He played in 53 career games and averaged 11.0 points per game during his senior campaign. He had a career high of 26 points in a 86-49 victory over Franklin County. 

After graduating from Daniel High School, DaMarcus Gay went to Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina. The Columbia International University Rams are members of the Appalachian Athletic Conference (AAC).

During his freshman season, Gay averaged 12.8 points per game, including a 32 point outburst against Bob Jones University. He went 10-17 from the floor and 4-7 from three point range.

DaMarcus Gay has been at Quincy University since the start of the spring semester. Because Gay transferred during the middle of the season, he will have to wait until next year to suit up in a Quincy Hawks uniform. Regardless, he has practiced with the team everyday and has been on various road trips.

“I love basketball. Even if I can’t play yet, I wanna be out there playing and working,” Gay said.

Sometimes, it can be hard for a new player to join a team in the middle of the season. Adam Moore and all of the Quincy Hawks has made it much easier for him.

“He’s new, he’s not used to a lot of things that go on here. We just try our best to make him feel at home. He’s from South Carolina too, so he’s come a long way to be here with us,” Moore said.

Basketball season is almost over for the Hawks, and Gay is already preparing for next season.

“I’m going to work hard these next few months to make sure I’m ready. This team is good and I want to have an impact next season,” Gay said.

DaMarcus Gay will continue to work and prepare for the 2020-2021 basketball season as a member of the Quincy Hawks.

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