From Congresswoman to seamstress

By Reggie Austin

A former Saint Louis politician is sharing her gift on social media.

Kacie starr long formerly Kacie Starr Tripplet has been making an impact on Facebook selling face masks. She says the idea came from a friend.

“A friend called me one day, and she said she needed a favor. I was like sure okay, I can help you. She was like I need ten masks and I need them today. And I’m gonna say it was God who spoke through me to say yes,” Long said.

She originally did not want to create masks.

“Ideally I would have been like no, I don’t want to do masks. I just do skirts and women’s clothing,” Long said.

Kacie Starr Long is pictured wearing her homemade masks.

The former alderman stepped down from her position in 2012 and in 2014 it was revealed that she was using her campaign funds for personal use.

After paying restitution, Kacie went on to start an online boutique.

She also established a new ministry with her husband Alfred.

Long has already published three books. The books are titles Self-Esteem Through Scripture: Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of God; God, Where Is My Husband?: 10 Things to Know While You Wait; and Loving God More Than Food: Overcoming the Bondages of Overeating, Cravings & Poor Self-Control.

She wants the boutique to be an opening for second chances.

“As far as in the future, I really want to create a manufacturing business that works along with the boutique to hire men and women coming out of prison and teach them how to sow. They can make the masks and other items that will be sold in the boutique. People need to be given a second chance,” Long said.

On her website, the fabric face masks are $15. There are 11 different designs that come in three sizes. One for toddlers, one for kids ages five through seven, and adults.

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