Past player, present manager working to become future coach

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By: Kori Kay Obert

Early morning, until late at night, sacrifices made by team manager, Troy Potts, keep the Quincy University men’s basketball team right on track. The Hawks would not be complete without time and devotion from Potts. Potts recently began his third year with the basketball program and plans to graduate this spring with a business management degree. His journey as a Hawk was clear ever since he was young.

 “I’ve gone to QU games ever since I was a little kid and always looked up to the players,” Potts said.

As a former basketball player himself, he has always had a clear vision of the game on and off the court. Potts previously played on the Quincy Notre Dame High School boys basketball team before joining the Hawks basketball program. As a player, Potts learned the importance of being a teammate. Now as a manager he has learned how to be a role model for the players.

“I have a good relationship with the players off the court, but they have a good understanding of my responsibilities in the locker room and on the court,” Potts said.

Transfer student from DePaul University, Michael Sullivan, now plays for the Hawks with Troy as his manager.

“I’ve known him for three months. Troy is a great team manager,” Sullivan said. “He’s been extremely helpful ever since I arrived on campus and he keeps our team right on track.”

As the team manager, Potts has to put a lot of work into the team’s needs.

“I have many responsibilities for the basketball team, mostly in the day-to-day operations of the team,” Potts said.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Potts took on even more responsibilities for the program.

“I have to make sure I am taking extra precautions in regard to sanitizing equipment and wearing gloves. I also have to make sure the players are following the guidelines too,” Potts added.

The work Potts puts into being the team manager does not go unnoticed by returning player, Adam Moore.

“Troy plays a role on this team that he doesn’t get enough credit for,” Moore said. “I don’t think people realize all the early mornings and late nights he has, just to make a sacrifice for our program, all while balancing school on top of that.”

Away from the court, Potts values his time with his family and friends.

“I enjoy spending time with my family and watching any sort of sport with them on TV,” Potts said. “I also enjoy hanging out with the team and spending time with the coaches.”

Most days, Potts dedicates his time doing something for the team.

“He is one of the hardest workers in our locker room, whether it’s setting things up to practice, or dealing with some extra paperwork the coaches need help with,” Moore said. “He will always be the first guy to rebound for you or shoot you a text when you’re down to make sure you’re doing all right.”

Potts has gained respect from the players by working his hardest to do so. He hopes his dedication to the Hawks basketball team will pay off for him in the future.

“I plan on pursuing my MBA at QU and sticking around at the university to begin my coaching career,” Potts said.

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