Students at Quincy University have been working very hard to achieve their goals for this year. It has been a tough semester last fall, but the QU staff has taken the proper precautions for students to succeed at the highest level.

Due to the fact this year has gotten off to a rough start, many students can admit it hasn’t been easy to stay on top of their everyday routine with class, meetings, and sports for the athletes. Many of the students have been looking for an outlet to relieve some stress that students face on a weekly basis.

The spring semester has been pleasing for most, as some students are getting closer to graduation.

“This is my second year at QU as a student, as well as a member of the men’s basketball team. Coming to QU was beneficial for me as I went to a junior college in Texas prior to coming here. The campus is great, everyone is friendly, and the atmosphere is unmatched. However, being a student-athlete and enrolled in 15 or more credit hours while traveling can be tough at times. A lounge for students to attend to play games, grab smoothies and hangout would be great for us here,” Charles Callier, QU student, said.

“A lot of students here like to drink caffeine, whether it’s a latte, Frappuccino, or just coffee, it is needed to keep us going. Although, for an athlete water is the number one candidate that coaches recommend for us to stay in shape, caffeine would be great to have for us to make it through the day while we attend class after our 6 a.m. workouts,” Lazerick Hill, QU student, said.

People would really be surprised if they knew what a student-athlete consumed in their body on a weekly-basis while maintaining to perform at a high level on and off the field.

Along with there being a ton of students on the QU campus, there are also a bunch of music artists, producers, gamers, and many different talents. College for most, is about finding something that interests the individual and knowing what keeps them going.

The campus does have different computer labs and areas for people to study and get their work done, but students are looking for excitement. Everybody has their own way of getting motivated while doing work whether it’s listening to music, listening to a podcast, or even watching getting that caffeine in their system.

It may take a lot of the faculty and staff to look into this for the students, but it would definitely be worth it. Big universities having gaming rooms, coffee shops, music studios on campus, and lounges where students can just relieve stress from the work week. Just one or two of these may be more helpful than people would know.

“Back home in Boston, I’m used to being around friends, playing the game, hanging out, and having a good time with what we have. It’s different here at school because it’s pretty much whatever you make it out to be. In my free time, I may just go to the mall down here or stay in my room and play the game with friends from back home. The school can host an event maybe every two weeks or after mid-terms where students can have a Monday or Tuesday off dedicated to us for working hard,” Jamaurie Coakley, QU student, said.

The QU community should not look past this idea as the students of QU are the most dedicated towards completing work in the classroom while making sure they are staying in good spirits mentally and physically.

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