QU student art gallery put on display in gray gallery

Quincy University’s student art show displays unique works of art in the Gray Art Gallery located in the Brenner Library. 

The Quincy University art show is put on by the Art Department and contains ninety-nine works of art that were created by both majors and non-majors.  

“Through creativity and art, I have found peace with myself and who I am becoming. There’s freedom in expressing myself. Art has provided me with the idea that I am worthy to express my feelings in new ways. Although I have never really been able to speak to people about deeper thoughts and what’s inside, creativity and expressing myself through art mediums has really impacted me in the fact that I have been able to get it off my chest. I can breathe because I have shared my story,” Michele Barletta said.

The exhibition holds works of art that are contributed by all art courses offered at Quincy. Put on display are assortments of self portraits, drawing, collages, digital pieces and more.  

Quincy students are striving to create a safe space for unique artistic talents. 

“Art is a space where any person can personality tell their own message no matter what it is. The only real thing that matters is what the artist feels and wants. If the artist is happy and satisfied with what they’ve accomplished it’s beautiful. It’s cool though that on top of the satisfaction in finishing the project that the school and public can recognize their efforts as well in the art gallery,” Sam Huff said.

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. The creativity produced is oftentimes seen in physical pieces such as sculptures, painting, and drawings.

The QU art gallery give students the ability to express themselves and present their work to a public audience.

“The gallery and all of its art is such a great way to show your progress and to potentially get your name out there. It’s such a cool opportunity for students to get their pieces they create over the semester shown to and appreciated by more eyes,” Gibson Moncel said. 

With COVID-19 limiting social events, the art gallery is a wonderful way to get out and support classmates. Along with feeling support, these artists have found outlets in expressing themselves in healthy ways. 

The Quincy University Art Show will remain open until April 30. All students are invited and welcome to visit this exhibition set up in the Gray Gallery of Brenner Library. When arriving for your stop-in visit at the gallery remember to use the sign-up sheet outside the entrance doors to indicate student attendance.

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