Students talk pros and cons of online classes

For the 2020-2021, school year and the end of the 2019-2020 school year Quincy University Students took a mix of online courses and in-person classes. For many students, this was their first experience with online classes. Some students thrived with online classes the last two semesters, and some are ready for a return to all in-person schedules.

Jaylen Boyd, a freshman at Quincy University finished out his senior year of high school taking zoom classes.

“I wasn’t crazy about having online classes at first,” Boyd said. “There was definitely an adjustment period, after a couple of weeks I kind of liked them. Once I got to Quincy I had already had some experience with online classes, because of that it did help with the change from high school to college. This year some of the classes had due dates every week and others were work at your own pace. I am looking forward to having more in-person classes next year to meet more students on campus.”

The fall semester at Quincy will offer both online and in-person classes. Students have the choice between both options.

Evan Stockton, a Quincy student, is ready for the start of next year and the in-person classes that come with it.

“I was quarantined a lot this year and during the first semester I didn’t really get to attend the in-person classes that I had,” Stockton said. “I like in-person classes, it like being able to go to class and interact with the other students and the professor I find it easier to work this way. I didn’t mind the online classes this year, I just feel like the in person classes make it easier to communicate with everyone in the class especially for things like group projects.”

With Quincy allowing students to choose between online and in-person classes, students can choose which learning style fits them the best. Some students found that certain classes were more conducive online and others would have been better in person.

Gustafson, a freshman at Quincy, spoke about how some classes that he had online would be better in person.

“Some of the classes that I had I think were better to do online, some I wish I still had in person,” Gustafson said. “For the classes I had that were more writing based I liked having them online, for me they felt conducive to the online learning. The more math-based classes I think would be easier to do in person where it’s easier to ask questions and talk to the professor. I do like the online classes and I’m planning on taking a couple next semester.”

Regardless of in-person or online classes, students at Quincy University are looking forward to the ending of this school year and are excited and hopeful for what the fall semester will bring.

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