Student athletes’ healthy eating tips

College students face the decision of what they are going to eat every single day. Quincy University students are often busy and need to eat on the go, but sometimes eating fast does not always mean eating healthy. 

Although for some students eating healthy can be a struggle, some students enjoy it. Quincy University sophomore, Gloria Owen, often tries to maintain a healthy diet. 

“I generally try to eat healthy, not because I feel like I have to, but because I genuinely enjoy eating healthy foods,” Owen said. 

Owen often finds herself choosing healthy food options rather than unhealthy ones. When she snacks, she tries to keep it protein filled.

“My go to snack is a white chocolate macadamia nut Clif bar,” Owen said. 

A Clif bar is a filling snack that contains a high amount of protein. Owen is often busy juggling school, choir, and tennis. When she is on the go, it is a quick snack that she finds tasty and is healthy.

While some students rely on snacks to get through the day, others prefer to cut out their snack in-take and stick to full meals. Student athlete, Annie McGinnis, finds it important to eat fulfilling meals in her daily routine. 

“I don’t eat a lot of snacks,” McGinnis said. “I try to eat full meals that get me through until my next meal, but if really need a pick me up I’ll have a banana or granola bar of some sort.” 

One meal college students often miss out on is breakfast. McGinnis makes sure she eats a healthy breakfast every day. 

“Even if I’m not hungry, I eat breakfast every day before leaving my dorm,” McGinnis said. “Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.”

For student athletes, eating a balanced diet is necessary to maintain good health. Sophomore women’s lacrosse player, Reece Nagao, also tries her best to eat healthy.

“It’s definitely important to me to fuel my body properly especially being a student athlete, I need to make sure I’m eating enough to keep me energized,” Nagao said. 

Instead of eating fast food on the go, Nagao prefers making her own meals. 

“Usually when I’m in a rush it’s because I’m going to practice so I try to eat light meals,” Nagao said. “I just quickly make myself a sandwich and it holds me over till practice is over.”

Some student athletes like McGinnis try to eat healthy meals during season and on the off season to keep their body consistently healthy. 

“As a student athlete it’s important to stay balanced. Tennis burns a ton of calories, so I need to make sure I’m eating enough food to keep me energized throughout the day,” McGinnis said. “I need to make sure I’m not eating too much to make me drowsy and lazy.”

McGinnis suggests eating healthy but also is not afraid to reward herself with a treat now and then.

“I try to eat a fruit or veggie at every meal and include a protein in every meal,” McGinnis said. “I think it’s good to keep things very balanced, but I do enjoy having ice cream a few nights a week after dinner just because.”

McGinnis tries to remind those around her about the importance of eating healthy as a college student.

“My tip for college students trying to eat healthy is to set goals for yourself and stick to them,” McGinnis said. “Just make sure every once in a while you treat yourself.”

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