Students start their own clothing lines

Many people have taken fashion into their own hands, making it more common to see locals with their own clothing brand. Fashion has taken a twist with more people trying to buy high end clothing. Not many can afford that material so many have set out to create their own clothing lines themselves.

One of the things you will realize is that everyone has very different taste. You will see allot of good and bad designs. Some good designs won’t get any recognition and some bad designs will take over the city. It is all about how you promote and how you pitch your item. You sometimes can have a million dollar design but a one dollar sales pitch. You have to take initiative and find ways that will get people to purchase your product.

“When we started this clothing brand we started off not knowing much. We didn’t too much about the different fabrics and the different types of patches that go on the fabrics. We had to figure out what more of the high brand designers where using and what the people liked and wanted to wear. Trends change every year so what you like and think is ‘in’ might not be. You have to give the people what they want,” Ephrahiam Woods, QU senior, said.

With trends changing every day, you have to really keep up. You have to make sure that you take in consideration what everyone is wearing. Fashion is never the same year round. Many people in 2021 are going back to a vintage 90’s look. More baggy clothing, when skinny jeans was just trending. Things can change in a day.

Using social media the right way to promote your brand is key too. You have to be able to look at the analytics and see the best time to get people’s attention. Social media is a key to branding yourself. You also have to look the part too. You have to make people want to rock what you have on. You have to market yourself whenever you walk outside or make a post, that you have people saying ‘I want what he has’.

So many people are getting in tune with making their own brand. So you have to also come up with something that stands out. Something that is unique and has a ring to it. Something where you can build a whole brand off of it to venture into different avenues. You don’t want to be the person that just comes up with a name and throws it on a shirt.

“Starting this brand was extremely hard for me because I was doing everything by myself. I didn’t have much help at all. I knew a lot about clothes but putting it together took money. Many people jump in this business and have a whole group around them. For me it was the complete opposite. I really had to do my research and figure out what works,” Marcus McDowell, QU senior, said.

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