In America one of the most important days in sports is signing day. A day where athletes sign their national letter of intent to the school they will be intending. A big day for most but can sometimes be a sad one to the ones not signing. Even if you don’t sign on signing day it is not to late. It is all about staying positive and never giving up, one day the work will show.

Many people get signing day confused. Most people think it involves only high school kids, but that is not true. Signing day involves high school, juco and even players that have took a year or more off that still have the skill to play college ball. Also their is more then one signing day. So if you miss the first one it is still a chance that you can make the second one.

“Signing days was one of the best days of my life, I feel like I really did something special. I’m one of the first in my family to be able to go and play ball at the next level. Also just getting the chance and the opportunity is special to me. On this day my mother cried so I know I’m moving in the right direction. This is only the beginning though, I still have to put in the work to make it to where I want to get to,” Alex Peterson, QU Junior, said.

Athletes that did not sign during these periods need to understand your athletic career is not over. “The dream is not over until you stop believing.” Players can still receive scholarships after the fact and can still attend a school. Their is many platforms set in place to help unsigned players. That is what many people fail to realize. Players have to sometimes hop into these events if they still want to chase their dreams.

We have to highlight the good things also of this amazing day. Like families coming together and all your friends and peers coming together to celebrate. Many will throw parties, gatherings and major celebrations. Many treat this like a holiday. Some parents be more excited then the athlete. Making it feel like they made it to the league.

If you have signed don’t let your head get to big. You still have to keep your hunger and passion for the game. Many sign and then lose track of their goals and what they are playing for. They think they already made it, the ones who didn’t sign and our working towards what you have will come and take your spot.

“For me I was a late signee, I didn’t sign all the way until August. It made me realize that I had to work twice as hard then people that already where on. I went through a lot of sleepless nice because I didn’t know if a coach would take a chance on me. I thank God for this opportunity , I will not let my people’s down,” Niekie Thomas, QU Sophomore, said.

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