Hawk Hack: The Cafe’s secret menu

Some days dinner in The Cafe can be dreadful. Brussel sprouts, carrots, and dry chicken are often the only things that are somewhat appealing, but after 7:30, students’ favorite finger foods and sandwiches are served at Late Night Dining. The great thing about this time of day is that students are able to modify their meals to their liking at any time. Each meal comes with the option of a combo which comes with fries and a drink but even Late Night can be a bit monotonous.

Here are some secret menu options that anyone with access to The Cafe can rustle up:

Steak fries

One of the options on the Late Night menu is a Philly steak sandwich. Students have the option of adding cheese, peppers, or onions to their sandwich to enhance the plain steak sandwich into an illustrious Philly sandwich that tastes as if it came from the city itself. However, students do not have to stop there. The cafeteria fries are some of the best fries that one can have, speaking from experience, with a golden coating that adds remarkable crispiness to the sliced potatoes topped with a surprisingly proportionate amount of seasoning.  This is where the magic happens. After ordering a Philly steak combo, approach the chef and instruct them that instead of putting the steak on a roll, spread it across the fries. You won’t regret it!

Toasted buns

The sandwiches are a great addition to the menu at late-night dining. It’s something quick and easy that everyone knows will fulfill their hungriness without a shadow of a doubt. But just like the steak sandwich, there is a way to take those basic sandwiches to the next level. Toasting the bun can take your plain sandwich to the next level by pairing the doughy outer bun with a crunchy and savory lower bun. 

Rainbow waffles

 There are multiple ways you can finesse the waffle. But one particular way is by going over to the ice cream machine and using some of the sprinkles provided, adding them to the cup of batter before putting the mixture into the hot iron. After the minutes are up, the result is a gratifying and vibrant waffle that would make anyone want to ask for a piece. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and now students can add a bit of color to that meal as well.

Peanut butter and banana waffle

This is particularly for anyone who is trying to get an extra dose of protein in their diet. In The Cafe, there are multiple options at students’ disposal which include all sorts of fruit and other healthy options. They also have peanut butter and jelly cups if anyone wants to make a classic PB&J. But focusing more on how one can finesse a waffle but want to do it more healthily, students can substitute sugary syrup for protein-packed peanut butter, and to fulfill that sugar craving they may be having, add slices of potassium filled bananas to top off this incredible meal that will fill you up without feeling bloated.

Let us know what you think about the list. If you have any concoctions that you want to share, let us know in our email at qumedia@quincy.edu.

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