Students use Success Center for tutoring

Students of Quincy University who may have questions about getting assistance and are in need of tutoring should take heed of what’s being offered on campus.

For those who may have trouble getting prepared for quizzes and exams or just may be in need of new study tips, can find tutors for each course that will be a great help in guiding students to excel in the classroom.

The Student Success Center is the best spot on campus where students can get assignments done, study, and get tutored.

The SSC is a very relaxing location where there are no distractions which allows students to completely focus on their task at hand.

This center offers support for both writing and math, as well as free tutoring services.

It is home to a instruction rooms, a large tutoring area, and testing rooms where students who need to take exams can have a peaceful room to themselves for a greater focus.

Mario Rowland knows anytime there is a big exam he needs to prepare for, he heads right over to the Success Center, away from his dorm where it can get a little bit noisy at times.

“I feel like I can focus way better and I’m able to really lock in whenever I’m at the SSC. In my room, I have my tv and my PlayStation that always get my attention first when I walk in my room after class or practice and can tend to be on it for hours. It’s just better for me to be in a lab or exam room where I don’t have to worry about loud music blasting in the halls to get my assignments done,” Rowland said.

At times, it can be hard for some students to remain focused and force themselves to be mentally prepared to get assignments completed. Some may say ‘you’re just lazy and don’t want to do the work’, which is not true in every case.

For example, for student-athletes at QU, everyone may not have great study habits they were gifted with. However, being on a team and study-hall being mandatory to attend can be all the motivation some students need. If a coach tells the team to get all their work done before hitting the road, every player that intends on playing will be sure to tackle those assignments to have that freedom when they leave.

Javon Love, a member of the QU football team, says it’s hard to keep up at times and it can be easy to fall off track when it comes to assignments, especially while playing a sport.

“I know if I have a game one week and we have to play on the road, along with going over plays in the film room, then in study hall, is like our window to get all our work done,” Love said.

Students who are looking for tutors for a course can go to the Student Success Center which is located in the lower level of Quincy’s Brenner Library, where they can see all the available days and time slots for tutoring or by going online at Quincy University (

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