Campus Ministry encourages students to Ignite

Ignite encourages students across denominations to gather together for a night of praise and worship.

Ignite provides the QU community the opportunity to expand and deepen their faith on campus. 

QU is founded by Franciscan friars and built on Franciscan values. The QU mission states “Quincy University Campus Ministry, with the Catholic-Christian and Franciscan traditions as our guides, seeks to reach out to all community members, wherever they may be in their journey of faith. Accompanying our community on this journey, we seek to facilitate encounters between God and ourselves through the offering of hospitality, prayer, worship, rituals, programs, events, service, and mission. We promote a Christ-Centered community where all are welcome, and where everyone’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual gifts are valued.

Campus Ministry continues to encourage students to broaden their faith and to experience God in new ways.

Twice a month Ignite puts on a night full of praise and worship. The night takes place in the Hawks Nest located under The Cafe. Campus Ministry also supplies the event with some snacks.

The night consists of scripture passages, live worship music, and real testimonies. The event encourages students to join for the religious opportunities along with the chance to mingle amongst their peers.

“I love the community and atmosphere. I love getting to hang out with some of my teammates here. It has really made some of us closer and it’s a great way to start your week,” Kelly McClure said.

Quincy University is a Catholic university that invites and encourages all denominations. Campus Ministry continues to create new organizations, clubs, and activities to provide students with optimal opportunities to express their faith.

“A relationship with the Lord is accessible and possible and I want them to be able to have every opportunity to encounter the Lord that they can. I think that is part of my job is to open up the doors and avenues. So yeah that’s why I think it’s so important for QU to have Ignite particularly,” Jessica Howell said.

The next Ignite gathering will take place on March 27th at 7 p.m. in the Hawk’s Nest.

Find more information on upcoming events on the Campus Ministry page.

For more information contact Jessica Howell or visit the Campus Ministry office in Francis Hall.

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