Students prepare their schedules for the upcoming break

Spring Break for Quincy University is right around the corner, and students are very excited for a break from classwork, assignments, and tests for a week. Many students plan to head back home, catch up on school work, or gain a new life experience over the break.

Being seven weeks in, students have hit the halfway point of the second semester and many students like sophomore, Elias James, are excited to see family for the first time in 2022.

“I’m heading back up to Wisconsin this weekend and I can’t wait to see my family and my cats, Bruno and Checkers, as well as taking time to see old friends from high school. I’m also gonna be delivery driving for Dominos when I get back to earn some extra cash,” James said.

While many students are counting down the hours until the weekend hits, many of QU’s nursing majors have had the luxury of a two week spring break as they complete their courses through Blessing Hospital. While it seems like an upgrade, Nick Martelli explains how his spring break will be involved inside his textbook.

“I am happy to be heading back to Effingham, but I won’t be able to do much. All my teachers gave me assignments due throughout the week and it seems like they added extra for our time off,” Martelli said. 

While homework might seem easier back in the comfort of your own home, many students will not be able to travel back and visit friends and families due to athletics. The lacrosse programs will be traveling to away games, the baseball and softball programs will be beginning their first home games of the season.

It can be difficult to fully utilize your time off, but athletes like junior Megan Ganninger, find the fun in a practice-filled week over break.

“I’m excited for the break not only because I get to keep seeing my teammates, but then we all get to have a road trip together! While we still have games that travel time will be for us to forget about our obligations at Quincy and enjoy visiting new places,” Ganninger said. 

Even though every student enjoys a break from school, some students at QU are using their time to help others in need. Campus Ministry is set to host a mission trip from March 14 through the 17 in Peoria, Illinois where students will be serving people at the Midwest Food Bank. Students will also earn 28 service hours which is eligible for their MobileServe to graduate. 

“I’m excited to go on this trip. I didn’t really have any travel plans to go back home and did not want to stay stuck in my dorm all week so I thought this was a good opportunity to help out others and get some of my hours knocked off. I’ve also never visited Peoria so that’s a bonus,” James Boettger, sophomore, said. 

As many students have different ideas to make their spring break worthy, they can take time to step back from the academic grind and focus on themselves again. With May peeking around the corner, students can come back fresh to continue excelling in the classroom. 

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