4 local must-try coffee shops

If you like coffee, or even if you don’t, these four local coffee shops have a lot to offer.

Bailey’s Coffee House and Fudge Shop:

Bailey’s offers more than just coffee. This coffee house has a variety of options to choose from. They serve breakfast foods that include pastries, breakfast burritos, and protein bites. If breakfast is over, then choose a lunch option like one of their fresh salads or sandwiches. Bailey’s is known for their homemade fudge, and they also serve ice cream. For the coffee lovers, try a custom hot or iced latte. For those that don’t like coffee Bailey’s now serves lotus drinks, as well as smoothies and tea. On a warm sunny day take a seat outside and enjoy the patio area. Or if in a rush, order on their mobile app they offer and choose to pick up. A drive thru with an outside menu is available to order on the go.

Carter’s Coffee Bar:

One of the newer coffee shops to come to Quincy is Carter’s. Established in 2020, this coffee bar is drive thru only service. To keep traffic flowing there are two drive thru windows, one on each side of the building. Carter’s has become very well known for their lotus drink creations and unique coffee combinations. Carter’s has many different drink options to choose from on their menu. They also offer a seasonal menu with special drinks available only for a limited time. Carter’s also has merchandise available to purchase like crewnecks and hoodies that show off the Carter’s logo. Sometimes they even offer special edition, one time only shirts that are first come first serve.

Hebrew’s XI Coffee:

Just across the bridge over in West, Quincy is a small, enclosed trailer. Hebrews Coffee is a coffee shop on wheels that stays parked. Hebrew’s is the newest coffee place to open in the local area. There are places to park a car and walk up to the window and order, or you can treat it as a drive thru. Before the drive-up window, a big sign stands stall. Here a menu can be viewed showing all the different drinks available. Hebrew’s serves specialty coffees, lotus drinks, and smoothies. Hebrew’s is known for the inspirational and happy quotes they write on their cups. One interesting perk Hebrew’s has is they have special drinks of the week that include a percentage off when you order that specific drink.

Electric Fountain Brewing Company:

Hidden on the back side of Maine street in Quincy is Electric Fountain Brewing Company. EFB in short is a cozy, cabin like, building. Inside is warm lighting with plenty of seating for a nice study space or a quiet conversation. On a sunny day enjoy porch or patio seating. EFB also sells their roasted coffee grounds if you’d like to make coffee at home. Expect handcrafted coffee that you can watch made right before your eyes. EFB does serve foods like cake pops, pastries and more. Listed inside you can find a menu of daily/weekly specials. Orders can be placed online for pickup or the coffee shop is open to go inside and order.

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