Students to take baton at Symphonic Concert

Music may not be valuable to everyone, but to members of the QU band, it is their way of life.

Right on North Campus at Quincy University it’s almost impossible to walk through the halls without hearing joyful harmony coming through the doors.

QU’s band director Bill Machold has always had a passion for music growing up.

 “Both my parents were music teachers and I’ve just kind’ve always been around music,” Machold said. “I have a lot of really positive role models in my life. As far as music teachers that I’ve had and so it’s just kind of a very natural thing for me to want to help others learn.”

QU’s band has instruments that are a part of the percussion family and brass instruments such as the tuba, trumpets, trombones, and French horns.

Band member Colby Schulz is a big part of the band and finds excitement in what he does.

“What I like about the tuba is it’s almost as much of a feeling as hearing it so you know people don’t always notice when the tubas playing but they notice when it’s not playing,” Schulz said.

Madison Brueck is a vocal leader in and outside of the band room as she allows her hard work to display while other members take heed and follow after.

Madison plays the trombone which is one of the biggest instrument in the instrument world.

“I like being in the band because it creates a sense of unity and it builds musicianship and leadership among everyone who’s in it,” Brueck said.

The QU Symphonic Band has a concert coming up that is open to students as well as the public.

The concert will be held on Sunday, May 1 at 3 p.m. in the Connie Niemann Center for Music.

“The concert will feature five student conductors who are in the process of taking their instrumental conducting course right now so each of those conductors will be conducting a piece on that concert,” Machold said.

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