Study Suggestions: How to make sure you are prepared for finals

As the 2022 spring semester at Quincy University comes to a close, that means one thing and one thing only for all the students, finals time!

Some of you have been turning in all of your work on time, excelling in assignments, and understanding all of the information presented to you. 

Or you are the lackadaisical student who shows up for the important classes and information. 

It’s time to buckle up and get ready for finals week! This year finals week begins on Monday, May 9 at 8 a.m. and lasts through the end of the week on Friday, May 12.  

Schedules for overall finals week and individual class final times can be found here. 

Students find any and all ways possible to try and get themselves as ready and prepared as they could possibly be, headed into taking their finals tests and quizzes. 

Each student has their own way to prepare and study. Depending on the class, a final could be an exam or paper or even a practical assignment.

“I plan on using study guides that my teachers will provide and make sure to study and go over those numerous times ahead of the final. I also try not to think of the final as any other test. It is a test worth more points on average, but it is like a test of a test if that makes any sense,” Faith Krabbe said. 

Make sure to use everything that you have at your disposal. This could include office hours if you are having trouble understanding something and study guides to properly review and prepare for material. 

Finals can be seen as more of a review than a test, so making sure you remember and understand the information that was presented to you towards the beginning of the semester is crucial. 

“I have been reviewing my classes and gearing up to finish the semester strong. I have been making sure that all my assignments are in and I’m keeping up with assignments to make sure everything is ready for the end of the year,” Nick Woodworth said. 

“The only advice I would have for students is to just fall back on the work you have done all semester and study hard,” Woodworth added. 

The library is helpful resource for any information on almost any subject you would need to find something on. QU’s Brenner Library has an extensive range of books, articles, and multimedia available for loan. The library staff are able to assist with searches for material as well as how-to reference sources. The library also serves as quiet place to study in. 

“College is weird, half of my finals are essays so in order to prepare for those I will be watching four hours worth of documentaries and collect information in order to write those essays effectively,” Ryan Riggs said. 

All finals might not look the same, but they are still worth a significant portion of your grade. So making sure to prepare for even written finals is important during this time period leading up to having to take/write them. 

“My one piece of advice would be to not only study proactively and productively but to take breaks while doing so. Don’t overwhelm yourself with information and absolutely drain your mind, it hurts you more than it helps you just try to cram tons of information before taking a test. So don’t procrastinate studying either!” Riggs said.

Staying ahead on the remainder of your work, using resources that are accessible to you, and studying and reviewing. These are some of the basic ways in which you can improve and perfect your schooling habits as finals approach.

Go in with confidence and know on the finishing side of whatever test or essay you might be writing, a summer full of adventure awaits! Enjoy the summer Hawks!

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