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Transferring from a college to another college can be tough. There are so many factors that go into transferring, so it can be very stressfull on an individual.

People transfer all the time, whether it is because of a sports opportunity, maybe the person didn’t like the pervious school they were at, or many other reasons. Either way, it can be stressful, nerve racking, or you feel right away that you made the right decision.

At Quincy University, the transfer experience has been described as “helpful” and “easy.”

“Orientation was very helpful in my transition from my junior college I was at to QU,” said Dylan Foley, who is a Senior that transferred from Heartland Community College in Bloomington, IL.

When asked how helpful Quincy University was in helping him get settled in, Dylan said they were very helpful.

“QU was helpful because during orientation we went to different sessions that explained different things about the school. This was very helpful,” said Dylan.

From talking to a couple transfer students, the transfer experience at Quincy University seems to be doing it right. They have a good orientation process, which helped the transfer students that I talked to very much.

“The transfer experience was pretty easy for me,” said Jase Wallingford, a transfer that plays on the baseball team. “Playing on a team made it easy to transition knowing everything was set up and ready when I got here. My advisors had a plan laid out for me and if something wasn’t working they worked it out with me.”

The Quincy University transfer experience is doing something right, which is something to be proud of. Often times, people can get confused and be nervous about transferring to a new school, but QU is very helpful in making people feel right at home quickly.

The orientation process plays a big part in that. Having an orientation that takes you around campus, and shows you what you need and how to use certain tools that you might’ve not used before, is extremely helpful.

“There was a section of my orientation that explained moodle, this was very helpful because I have never used moodle before coming here,” said Dylan.

That’s an example on how QU does a great job on explaining the tools they use to someone who may or may not be familiar with them.

After talking with Justin Ray, who works in admissions, he broke down the transfer process.

“I contact the student after they contacted the university in some way, and that’s where it gets started. After that, we go through the admission steps, financial aid, and getting them registered for classes. Also, we help connect them to coaches or people if need be,” said Justin.

They walk you through the process step by step, and helps you get prepared for the semester.

“The overall goal is to not need the admissions office after they are all settled in and ready to go,” said Justin

For QU, the transfer experience is helpful, and is getting transfers ready for the year.

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