Students attend first homecoming dance in years

Students dancing at the homecoming dance.

Quincy University students attended one of the first homecoming dances in years on September 24. The dance was held at The Venue and buses were used to transport students to and from the off campus location.

Students socializing at the homecoming dance.
Students gathering at the homecoming dance venue.

“I did attend homecoming, I felt very in a way happy because it was a very fun time. It seemed like a very positive environment to be in and kind of disassociate yourself from the stress. So I think homecoming overall was great,” Dianna Rangel said.

Rangel highlighted that the only thing she would change would be the music played at the event. As she did not like how it was just a set playlist with repeat songs. 

“It was more fun than I was anticipating and they played fun music. Definitely watching the other people have fun and have a really good time on the dance floor was fun. I was definitely more of the outside group so watching them bust down was fun,” Amelia Ham said. 

Ham made it clear that she would not have changed anything about the event if given a chance. But other students disagreed when looking back on the event as a whole. 

“Well we walked in and the guy who took my state ID I thought was a little harsh. Then we walked in and it was crowded and the line for food was really long. There were no more seats. So we ate and they started putting on music for people to dance and it just didn’t seem like an environment, well it didn’t seem fun to me at the time. So we left and went to go just watch a movie,” Nicholas Puente said. 

As students entered the dance they were checked for their student identification cards as well as their drivers license. Alcohol was served at the event and students designated as of age to drink were given a wristband to receive free alcoholic beverages.

Puente attended the dance with a small group of friends but would have changed a lot about the event. 

“I thought it was weird that it was foggy in there. I think more seating, just a bigger venue in general would be good. Because it was like the dining room, this weird little bar area, and then the dance floor. I think if it was just a little more open, like a lot more space than it was it would have been great,” Puente said. 

Overall the attendance for the dance was good, causing some food as well as drinks to run out before the night was over. This left students, who were of age, to pay for drinks halfway through the night, since the schools tab limit was met. 

The homecoming dance was just one event planned during the homecoming week, which may explain why the dance had limited supplies.

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