QU Students miss meals due to classes scheduled during lunch time

Some QU students have class during lunch time and are not able to make it in time for a meal since “The Cafe” stops serving lunch at 1:30 p.m. and some people have class through that time.  Some students also have classes that start when lunch time starts and then another class after that which can make it tough for them to make it in time for lunch before it closes.  

“Yes, it sucks missing lunch when I have class or practice during the times “The Cafe” is open for lunch,” Simon Brush, sophomore baseball player, said.  “It’s cool that we can get a sandwich whenever we want but sometimes I get too many sandwiches in a week and want something else but miss the other food for lunch since I have class and practice during that time.  If I could change something to make it better, I would extend the time for lunch or maybe they could have a time where there are no classes during lunch time so people can get to the cafe and be able to eat lunch.” 

Other QU students have had trouble making it to lunch in time as well due to practice.  A lot of students are athletes and it makes it tough for them to put on muscle and weight when they are not able to make it to lunch.  

“This year I haven’t really had a problem with missing lunch because I do have a break in between classes to make it lunch but last year I definitely dealt with this problem,” Tyler Menendez, sophomore baseball player, said.  “Last year due to classes I wasn’t able to make it to lunch. I know that “The Cafe” has sandwiches all the time but when you’re an athlete a sandwich isn’t going to really fill me up.  Since I am an athlete, I really have been trying to build up muscle and get stronger but when I can’t make it to “The Cafe” in time for lunch due to class it makes it very hard for me to try and put on weight and muscle.  If I were to change the situation about lunch, I would say they need to expand the time of lunch for people who have classes during that time.”

Some QU students do have the benefit of having a break from classes during lunch time and they really appreciate that but they do feel for the people that can’t make it there.

“I don’t remember ever having to miss lunch due to classes but I know it does suck for the people who do miss it,” Luke Olbrot, senior, said.  “I really do feel bad for those students who can’t make it to lunch since they have class during that time.  I know a lot of people here are athletes and are pushing themselves in the weight room to get stronger and faster and only one sandwich for a meal will not cut it for them.  If they could change the time for lunch and make it a little longer I think it would definitely help out a lot of people.”

 The students who don’t miss lunch are thankful but also hope for the other students who miss it for them to change the times to help everyone out and allow everyone to get a good lunch.

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