Laundry troubles due to students leaving clothes in machines

Quincy University houses most students on campus so students have to be willing to share things such as bathrooms, showers and even the washers and dryers to clean their clothes.

Lots of QU students live on campus due to not living in the area so that makes them have to share things with the other students who live in the dorms.  A big thing that all students share is the laundry room in every dorm building.  There has been an inconvenience due to students forgetting their laundry or just leaving in the laundry room.  

“I live in Willer Hall and yes I have had some troubles with the laundry room,” Jared Garcia said.  “A lot of times when I need to do laundry there aren’t many machines open which is annoying, especially since most of the time the clothes are done in the dryer or washer, but nobody comes to get their clothes out.  Another thing is that people will just leave their clothes sitting on top of the machines or on the floor which just makes everything less accessible.  I wish people would just set an alarm and go get their clothes when they are done so I can get my own laundry finished.” 

Students leave their clothes in dryers and on top of the dryers.

More QU students have this problem with laundry but it hasn’t seemed to bother them as much.

“I live in Willer and have problems with how laundry is done since people like to leave theirs sitting down there for a while,” Anders Erickson said.  “On multiple occasions I have gone down to throw my clothes into the dryer but all of them are full but when I look at the time, they all say that they are done but no one has come to get their clothes.  It’s really annoying when I walk down the stairs to throw my clothes in the dryer and all of them are taken because no one grabs them when they are done, but I understand that some people might have forgotten but sometimes people’s clothes will sit down for hours.  Another thing that sucks is that we have this app called Laundry View so you can see if there is a machine open, but it doesn’t work right now so it sucks having to walk from the fourth floor just to check if a machine is open.”

  Everyone seems to be having this problem but some think the problem is going to be resolved soon and hopes it works for the better.

“I live in Willer and have had the problem with the laundry room ever since I have moved in,” Brock Inman said.  “I also had a little bit of a problem with the laundry situation my freshman year as well.  It’s definitely very annoying to deal with all these people leaving their clothes in the dryers and washers even though they are done, but I do think the problem will get better soon.  Kortarius Finley has sent out emails to everyone about the problem and I think he is getting to the bottom of this and eventually this problem will be resolved.”

Students are ready for some change, and hope it comes soon with the help of Finley. He has already stepped up and is trying to get things to change for the better of the university.

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