Collin Smith: a reliable classmate but an even better friend

Collin Smith is a junior at Quincy University. Most of the students at Quincy are athletes but Collin is not. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication and wants to use his degree to become a social media manager after he graduates. 

Before transferring to Quincy University, Smith attended John Wood Community College. At John Wood he achieved his associate degree in English.

“I choose to come to stay in town for school to be closer to my mom. I chose Quincy University because the class size is pretty similar to John Wood and Quincy Notre Dame. The smaller class size helped me create a bond with my fellow classmates and teachers,” Collin Smith said. 

Smith moved to Quincy, Illinois when he was in the sixth grade when his mother remarried. He went to Blessed Sacrament Catholic School for three years before high school. SMith and his parents decided he would go to Quincy Notre Dame for high school. 

In high school Smith played basketball all four years. He decided to give up on playing baseball to focus on basketball because he enjoyed playing basketball more. During his four years of high school basketball he played shooting guard for the team.

Collin smith fishing
Collin Smith and his friend with snapper on vacation.

“In basketball, Collin was a great leader for our team on and off the court. He always led by example during practice by giving it his all. There was never a time that he never tried his best. Him being a good leader helped us as a team by creating a positive environment for us to succeed,” David Hutson said.    

Although Smith doesn’t play organized basketball anymore his love for sports never faded. He enjoys playing pickup basketball and watching sports. Smith enjoys watching football, hockey, baseball and of course basketball.  

Smith likes to surround himself with sports as he works at the Kroc Center in Quincy. The Kroc Center is a place where you can go to workout, swim, take classes, play basketball, and much much more.  

Smith’s friends describe him as an outgoing, carefree, lovable person that is easily approachable at any moment. Look for ways to be helpful and supportive to those around you.

“In the classroom, Collin is very helpful with questions I have. He goes above and beyond to answer the questions. He makes sure that I understand my question before he leaves. He is also a great person to have in a group project. He is personable and is very easy to work with because he always contributes,” Noah Gershman said. 

In the classroom Smith is respectful to his professors and to his peers. He pays attention throughout the class and respects their opinion’s during group discussions.  He never looks down on them when they share and he doesn’t disagree with them. He treats everyone with respect and kindness. 

Smith also never passes up an opportunity to effectively during class. He asks the right questions and participates when no one else is speaking up.

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