Cafe closes due to big storm

Picture of the cafeteria during a storm.

On March 31 Quincy University was hit hard by a storm leading to some parts of campus shutting down.

Quincy on March 31 was hit by a bad storm but not as bad as everyone thought it would be. The thought around campus was that some people thought there could be a tornado that would touch down and everyone was taking a lot of precaution. The storm got so bad that Quincy ended up being in a tornado watch for around five to eight hours which caused the cafeteria on campus to close. The Cafe ended up being closed until 7 p.m. which usually opens back up for diner at 5 p.m. which bothered some students with their routines.

Email from QU Community Relations about the storm and The Cafe being closed.

“I am on very strict routine and like to eat dinner early,” Alex Pickus, said. “They pushed is back to seven which affected me a lot because I had things to do like homework and it just messed up my schedule. I think if they were to push back the time, they should have been a little more prepared since they didn’t have very many options to eat that day.”

Alex Pickus talks about how The Cafe closure affected his day.

Students at QU were all affected by the storm but not all very affected in the same way. Some students were not really mad about having to eat later because it didn’t really affect them as much but did miss out on somethings they were wanting to do. Not all students eat at The Cafe every day, but the storm messed with eating at The Cafe or even going out to get food.

“I wouldn’t say The Cafe opening later really affected me at all,” Ryan Carolan said. “I had looked at the app to see what they were serving, and it didn’t really look that good, so I went to go get something to eat, like fast food. The storm though made it very tough to go drive and even when I was in the drive thru it seemed like everyone was going to get food before the storm got worse, so I was in line for around 20 minutes.”

Other students at QU would say that they were affected by the storm but found a way around it. Students didn’t fully rely on The Cafe for food and found an alternative way of eating at the time they needed to eat to help keep their routine going the same as always. Some found a way by making their own food or even just reheating some old food to get around the problem.

The Cafe opening the later did trouble me, but I did find a way around it,” Colin FitzGerald said. “I didn’t feel like waiting for The Cafe since I was very hungry, so I just decided to heat some food I had the day before in my microwave, so I wasn’t starving for another two hours.”

Students showed that some were heavily affected by the storm and The Cafe closing but some showed that even though the situation wasn’t ideal they still found ways around it.

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