Social Justice Week brings QU together

Student Winning Prize

Quincy University has done many things around the campus to promote Social Justice Week. 

During the week they are having events to get students involved. One event in particular that led to major success was Wednesday night bingo.

Many students and even faculty members were participating in hopes of winning any prizes that are offered. Some prizes included airpods, gift cards, and polaroid cameras. 

“I won the polaroid camera and was just happy to even get something,” Brenden Unseld said, “it seemed everyone got a prize which was really cool to see.”

As soon as you entered the room they handed you a quick little $5 gift card for fast food, just because you came to play.

Bingo Card
Bingo card that was handed out for Social Justice Bingo.

During bingo, they allowed students to learn about important events, movements, leaders, and dates.

Before the bingo night, the school held “Chalk Your Thoughts”. During this event, outside the Student Success Center, you write your thoughts on Criminal Justice with chalk on the sidewalk.

Another important event that still needs to happen for the rest of Social Justice Week is Love Thy LGBTQ+ Neighbor. During this event, they will have a panel discussion on the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and religion. 

On Friday, March 31, they will be showing Support the Girls in the MacHugh Theatre at 6:30 p.m. During this, they will also hold a raffle where you must be present to claim a prize at the end of the movie.

Lastly, throughout the week they are showing the Tunnel of Oppression into the Journey of Justice. This is held all week throughout the basement of Francis Hall.

“I love the school allowing us Criminal Justice students to produce what we do and learn about every day to the rest of the campus,” Alyssa Vazquez said.

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