How to register for 2023-2024 classes

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The end of the 2022-2023 school year for QU students is right around the corner having just finished mid-terms a couple of weeks ago. Students have recently completed their housing agreements and have participated in the “housing lottery” in which students choose their desired living hall for next school year. QU is a relatively small populated university, which would lead to smaller class sizes making it a little more difficult to make the schedule you want. However, the question is how do I register for classes?

April 4, 2023, class registration for the 2023-2024 school year begins and this is what you should know.

Students should be notified about what date and time they are supposed to register. Within the Quincy University portal is where students should go to choose their classes. If you click the “students” tab in the portal and scroll down, there is a link that says “Add/Drop Courses” to click on. Once that is done, select “2023-2024 Fall”.

A photo of the QU portal in which the "students" tab is highlighted. This is where students go to register for their classes.
The students tab in the QU student portal.
A visual of the add/drop section in the "students" tab on the QU student portal.
A visual of the add/drop section in the portal.

From that point you can use filters such as the course title, course code, academic department or you can search for courses manually to find what you need. The portal also displays what day and what time all of the courses are held so you can build your schedule how you like.

“Next year will be my third year at QU and I think registration is super easy as long as you have a good conversation with your advisor and have an understanding of what you need to do. They make it pretty easy,” Alex Pickus said.

For the past week, students have been meeting with their academic advisors to discuss which courses each students is recommended to take to graduate on schedule. Academic advisors at QU take the responsibility of their student’s success very seriously.

“I like that QU is smaller so that I can have a closer relationship with my professors and my advisor. It makes choosing what classes to take super clear, and a lot less stressful than it really is,” Scottie Dorangrichia said.

Why so stressful is a question you may ask. As mentioned previously, class sizes at QU are small and they fill up quickly. So it is important to be on the portal right when registration opens, and to have a plan for when you get there. If you’re not there and prepared, there’s a high chance you won’t get into the classes you need.

“Last year I was late to get on the portal and the whole schedule of classes I had planned out was pretty much full and had to either take them online or take other classes. I had a plan but it didn’t do me much good, I won’t make that mistake again,” Ryan Bollinger said.

After registration is over, students go on Easter break. When students return, everything should be in line for next year. All there will be to do after that is to ace those finals.

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