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Hawk Wild is returning to Quincy University since COVID-19

A group of students covered in paint in the middle of Friars Field participating in a previous Hawk Wild event

Hawk Wild is returning to Quincy University for the first time since COVID-19 when it was shut down for safety reasons. However, the event has been a success in the past so QU student engagment wants to bring it back. “Me and my buddies did Hawk Wild back when I was an undergraduate student and I thought it was sweet!

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How to register for 2023-2024 classes

A view of QU campus while students walk towards the "cafe"

The end of the 2022-2023 school year for QU students is right around the corner having just finished mid-terms a couple of weeks ago. Students have recently completed their housing agreements and have participated in the “housing lottery” in which students choose their desired living hall for next school year. QU is a relatively small populated university, which would lead

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Simon Brush flipped the script

Simon Brush looking over the nighttime Chicago city skyline.

With Quincy University being a school mainly full of athletes, it can be difficult to be noticed and fit in as a non-athlete. QU is an athlete dominant school in which well over half of the students on campus participate in sports making the non-athletes the minority unlike many universities. However this is not the mindset that Simon Brush, a

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