QU ways to feel the breeze of the crisp spring air

Quincy Carnival/ Picnic

Throughout the school year, we panic at the idea of finals because exams are scary. Around Quincy, there are many events that could take place with just little to no budget that will take your mind away from the stress of finals.

One of the most famous events to do around the Quincy area is Disc Golf. Disc Golf is a popular sport that is played just like golf but with a frisbee. 

The goal of the game is to toss your disc into the chain-linked basket with the least amount of throws. After 18 holes, tally up the scores and whoever has the lowest score wins. 

Disc Golf Basket
The basket that you need your disc to land in to end the hole.

A set of discs cost $20 at the cheapest, but the cost to participate in a course is free. If you have friends who play, use their discs and it is free for everyone. 

One place to go is Bob Mays Park, just past North Campus. The second one is Moorman Park in the Moorman Park District. Be careful as some discs are lost in woods or water like QU Sophomore Brenden Unseld knows.

“I have lost about three discs total, but I have plenty because disc golf is all I do during the school year when the weather is nice,” Brenden Unseld said. 

The next event that could be done this spring is cornhole. Cornhole is a lawn game where you project bags full of beans onto a board with a hole in it.

The first to 21 points win. If you put one on the board it is one point, and one in the hole is three. If your opponent also has one on the board with yours, then the score cancels out and nobody gets one.  

“Cornhole is something we always play down south, which has now become a professional sport you can see on television,” Caden Witt said. “It is always a fun thing to do especially at family barbecues.”

One thing to do to pass time during spring in the school year is picnics. 

Most people love making charcuterie boards which is a wooden placemat that holds many types of cheese, meats, and fruits. The idea is to add creativity to the idea of a cute meal.

Most days have been nice in Quincy, any chance you can go out and bring your friends or teammates should happen. Picnics are a family fun way to get out and enjoy the nice weather but also have a good lunch as well.

One last situation to really get yourself out of the hardships of school is to travel. Many students travel to St. Louis for the zoo, Blues hockey, or even Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium, Home of the St. Louis Cardinals
Busch Stadium on a nice cloudy day.

“I like being able to see different animals that may be from different countries and seeing the way the animals react to the general environment that they are put into,” Connor Meegan said. 

Connor Meegan saying his reason for why he loves the zoo.
Penguins soaking up the sunlight
Penguins gather around the tourists and soak in the sunlight too.

Overall, spring provides many activities if you do not want to deal with the stress of school. So get outside and enjoy the weather while you can.

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