Plans for the summer

The school year is almost here and with that people start making plans for summer. The end of the year is something every student is waiting for. 

QU has students from different cities, states, and countries, and getting to know what they all do during summer can be different for all of them. There is a tendency of getting jobs during the summer and maybe take a little trip so they can enjoy the free time that they can not have during the school year. 

photo during the day outside the caf
Day outside the cafeteria.

“I plan on getting a job during the summer and I want to go visit my sister in Texas. I still do not know what my job is going to be but I am going to get one to pass the time and get money for the next semester. If there is something I would like to do is spend more time with my friends back home,” Kianna Jackson said. 

Summer has a plan for everyone and it just depends on the focus they are going to have either getting ready for another school year or getting some experience for their resume and taking more classes so they can have some credits ready.

With only three weeks left of school, everyone’s already planning out their summer depending on their lifestyles and what they want to do with their major. 

“I live in Quincy so I am planning on working a full-time job to have my time occupied and take a summer class so I can get some credits during the summer. I plan on just focusing my free time on spending time with my family and friends, being from here I can spend some time working and getting some money for the next semester,” Ella Damm said. 

Each student plans their summer around what they have to do before they go back to college. Some students like spending time only relaxing and spending time with their loved ones while people that live closer to here want to work and build experiences. 

This time is used depending on each individual and what their goals are for that summer. Some students like to get internships so they can have a solid resume when they graduate and this can help them to build work experiences. 

“I do not have a plan right now for what I  want to do with my summer but I do know that I want to get a job to get some money because I do not have a job here. I also want to enjoy my free time and do what I love doing the most and that is to watch movies, I feel like since I have been here it is difficult to watch movies so I want to watch a lot of movies,” Maya Palto said.

All plans depend on each personality and how students like to spend their time, either relaxing, working, or getting ready for another school year.

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