Students use laptop stickers to express themselves

This is a picture of a laptop with stickers on the front.

Laptops have become an essential tool for many college students at Quincy University due to the increasing use of digital tools in the classroom and the convenience of having access to information and resources online. 

Whether it’s taking notes during a lecture, using it to complete homework assignments, checking grades, or even something as simple as escaping reality for a minute, students rely on their laptops to help them get through college.

Stickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to help make each computer unique to a certain student.

“I use stickers on my laptop because it helps me express myself by showing other people what I am interested in. It allows me to add personal touch to a blank or boring laptop,” Riley Graskewicz said. 

Students put stickers on their computers for a variety of reasons. People often put stickers on their computers to make them feel more personal and unique. Stickers can be used to express one’s interests, hobbies, or personality. 

Stickers can also be used to easily identify one’s computer in a crowded or shared space. For example, if many people in a classroom or library have the same type of laptop, stickers can help distinguish one’s computer from others.

“I like putting stickers on my computer because it gives me a sense of identity. A lot of students have the same computer. By putting stickers on my computer it helps me stand out when I am using it in a public place. I really enjoy when people compliment me on my stickers,” Jack Driscoll said. 

Some people simply enjoy the way stickers look on their computers. Stickers can add color and visual interest to an otherwise plain laptop. Stickers help make a blank black laptop pop with certain color schemes. 

Some students prefer various color palettes such as pastel, warm, cool, complementary, and neon colors. Students do this to create a dynamic and eye-catching sticker design. 

Students may put stickers related to their school, college or university to represent their school pride. Whether it is getting a sticker that says Quincy University, or Quincy’s Mascot, or even a sticker that supports one of the school’s sports teams. Students can purchase these stickers in the Quincy University Bookstore. 

“I like putting stickers on my computer because I enjoy collecting stickers. When I go on vacation I like to get a sticker from the place I visit. My favorite sticker that is on my computer is a Ron Jon Surf Shop sticker that I got in Gulf Shores,” Brock Inman said.

Companies and organizations sometimes give out stickers when you purchase an item from the store. Students may put these stickers on their computers as a way of showing support for the company or product.

Overall, stickers on computers are a way for students to express their identity and interests, personalize their belongings, and add a bit of flair to their laptops.

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