Students embrace icy conditions for intramural bowling

By Alexa Low

Quincy University held its first night of intramural bowling on February 7th at Casino Lanes.

Students shuffled across the icy parking lot to the front doors of the bowling alley for a competitive night with friends.

“Some of the guys say it gets pretty competitive, this will be my first time” Thomas Robson, freshman, said. “I think my team is more so going to have some fun. Give us something fun to do on a week night.”

The event was put on by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) as part of its intramurals kick off which includes bowling, darts, and midnight dodge ball.

Student Blake Huskey was a participant and an intern for the intramural program at Casino Lanes the first night.

“QU students come here to have fun. They should expect to have a good time and should let me know if they would like to come out and bowl with us,” Huskey said.

QU students can be found at bowling around 9 p.m. every Wednesday until March 6.

At the start of last night’s session, a total of 17 had signed up for the league. Each team allowed four people and an alternate in case a participant is unable to make all five weeks. The whole bowling alley is rented out for QU students, leaving eight spots left to be filled until next week when the add period closes.

Several students decided to get clever with their team names.

Coming into the league, many students had different approaches. Some students came solely to have fun while others had their minds set on winning. Some students came with a personal technique they planned to use while others planned on just letting the ball fly and seeing what happens.

“Coming into the league I was pretty excited. I was really looking forward to bowling and having a good time with my team. I really like to win and was happy the event was competitive. It turned out to be a really fun experience. I didn’t come in with a technique, I just try to throw the ball straight, which works sometimes, other times not so much. I’m really looking forward to getting better each week and hopefully my team is winning at the end,” Tracy Hanson, member of No Pin Intended, said.

For $4 per person, teams will play league style bowling for five weeks and the winner at the end till win a prize. Each week, teams will be competing against a new team which they will play three times. Whichever team has the highest score at the end of the five weeks wins. If the team participates in all five weeks, CAB will pay for the fifth week free of charge.

League style bowling consists of the four person team playing three games each match up. The players must alternate lanes with their opponents every other turn to ensure one lane is not better than the other. The scores are accumulated throughout the season and added up at the end.

Prizes have not been set but if the program continues the pattern of prizes from the other intramural sports, students can expect either gift cards or cash prizes.

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