QU student fetches best friend from Quincy Humane Society

By Jay Hammel

The discovery of a new friendship does not always exist in human form.

Quincy University student Zach Lamari found a new friend at a shelter and it had fur.

The Quincy Humane Society is an animal shelter that includes kittens, cats, puppies and dogs available for adoption.

This was home to Luna, a nine month old pit lab until moving in to QU’s campus Woods Residence Hall on October 13, 2020.

Pets are not typically allowed into the dorms unless permission gets granted.

“I needed paperwork from my therapist saying that having a therapy animal would be beneficial for me and also proof of pet insurance for any damages she might cause,” Lamari said.

Lamari is a senior student-athlete from Strasburg, Colorado and on top of a full academic and athletics schedule, becoming a pet owner is no easy task.

“House training a dog can be very difficult,” Lamari stated. “Trying to create a bathroom, sleep, and eating schedule was difficult but after a few weeks she figured it out.”

Pictured above is Luna posing in front of the tree on Christmas day 2020.

Luna has been trained by Alpha Dog Training Center, a premier dog boarding and training facility in Quincy, IL for recognition of depression and anxiety.

As a registered service animal, Luna has had a huge impact on Lamari’s life.

“It’s great to always have a companion in my life, somebody that’s going to greet me at the door with a wagging tail and give me kisses whenever I want them,” Lamari said. “She’s super fun to be around, she’s a super playful dog, somebody to depend on and play with and somebody who depends on me. It’s been really good for my mental health.”

Lamari lives with one other roommate who also loves having Luna around while the two-room residence hall contains two pets.

“Well it’s pretty nice to have an animal that’s actually excited when you get back from class,” Roommate Alex Pribyl said. “My cat (Natty) is nice but she doesn’t get excited or play fetch or do tricks or anything like Luna.

She also just brings a relaxing presence to the room. It is hard to explain but she just has a way of lightening the mood of a hard day.”

QU students and Hawk baseball fans will miss seeing Luna around and petting her silky-smooth fur when the time comes.

“We are moving back to Colorado after this semester,” Lamari said. “I am not 100% positive if we will return to Quincy but I would love to travel with her hot hiking and take her on adventures like that.”

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