Searching for Spring scenery in Quincy

By Emma Hoyt

The sun is slowly making its appearance and QU students want to break out of their dorms. Students who are not originally from Quincy might have a harder time finding fun in the Q.

Whether it be weekend plans, or just an hour of free time – students are starting to look for activities that aren’t going to break their banks.

In Quincy, there are plenty of things to do and places to go that aren’t as advertised as they should be. Many Quincy residents already know about free-time fun spots, but QU students have to go on an adventure of their own to find them.

With the sun coming out and the weather warming up, Bob Mays Park is one place you’ll want to check out this spring. Home to a shelter house, playground, disc golf course, walking trail, creeks, and open grass areas, Bob Mays is a perfect spot.

Creek located within the trail at Bob Mays.

A part of the Quincy Park District, Bob Mays Park is located on 18th Street right past North Campus – you can plug it into Google Maps as 2533 N. 18th Street.

Heavily used by many Quincy residents, the trail is a great way to get some exercise. QU students Zach Cookson and Devin Austin take their furry friends with them to Bob Mays, where they see many other dog walkers.

“It’s a really good walk for both me and my dog. Usually we’ll walk down to 12th street and back,” Austin said.

The trail is fully paved and includes bridges and creeks. Cookson says that his dog loves all the different terrain included at the park.

“Parker loves walking on the bridge that goes over a running creek, he’s so interested in it,” Cookson said.

Parker enjoying the creek view while walking at Bob Mays Park.

Along with the trail, Bob Mays also includes an 18-hole disc golf course. This course runs a total of over a mile in length with long and short fairways that can be a challenge for players of different skill levels. Scorecards and maps are available in containers around the park.

Map of disc golf course located at Bob Mays in Quincy.

Another great spot to stop at when the sun is shining, is TCBY. Frozen yogurt is a must on any sunny day, especially when it’s TCBY.

Everyday TCBY offers a different special every day of the week, and includes the Quincy favorite – Waffle Cone Wednesday. You can check out their website for store hours, daily specials and current flavors.

If you’ve never heard of or visited Downtown Quincy, you’re missing out! Full of local business that include food, fitness and retail, this is a fun spot to spend an afternoon.

The Quincy Farmers Market starts in May. It is a community event that brings people together to buy directly from local Tri-State Area.

With many different places to check out, the District is a one stop shop! If you get a chance to stop by, be sure to check out these favorites:

Poppin’ on Maine
Thyme Square
Yellow Kiss Boutique
Electric Fountain Brewery

These spots in Quincy are a spring stop that you’re going to want to put on your list. For students, these are great places to get away from campus for a bit and take their minds off of school to relax and enjoy time with their friends.

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