How to save money on a college date

By Taylor King

Finding cheap deals can be hard for college students, especially the ones at Quincy University.

More so for people who would like to go on a date. Here are some ideas for couples who want to get away from the campus and go out for a nice evening with each other.

“When my boyfriend comes to visit, we usually just go for walks around the Quincy parks, it’s free and fun. But, sometimes I would like to out somewhere nice, things are kind of expensive around here,” Lauren Nadler said.

The Quincy Park District is an easy way for couples to get out and enjoy the weather. This is the perfect time of the year too because all of the trees and flowers are blooming so the walks will be great.

The movies are a great place to go for a cheap date.

There is movie theater just down the road from campus on 300 N 33rd Street.

Tickets only cost $5.99 for adults and $3.99 if you go before 4 p.m.

“I love going to the movies, it is an easy date too! It is such a go-to date I feel for college students. It’s great that it is so cheap here, back where I live it is almost fifteen dollars to go see a new movie that just came out,” Sarah Blair explains.

For food lovers, the choices are slim. Students rely on fast-food options a lot but those are not healthy choices to make especially with all of the athletes on campus.

Smoothie King is a great option, they have plenty of meal replacement and fruity smoothies that students love. Five dollar Fridays is a huge hit for the students of QU.

“I love, love, love $5 Friday’s. It is so easy and quick and a super easy date idea. I know for one that I for one am not one to go on dates but if someone had asked me to go on one I would definitely go to Smoothie King,” Emma Lynch said.

If students are looking for something more than just a quick walk or a a simple movie, Scottie’s Fun Spot is the perfect place for a date.

There are many different combinations of things that you can do very low prices.

There are a few packages to pick from ranging from eleven to fifteen dollars per person with four attractions included in the package.

Some of the attractions are mini golf, lazer tag, go-karts, roller skating, bumper cars and many more.

“I have only been the Scottie’s about twice now once with my friends and once with my family but students should take more advantage of this place because it is a great date spot. I saw a lot of couples there and seemed like they were having a good time so they should promote more things to QU students because I bet they would go,” Lynch says.

For the couples that are into history, Quincy has a lot of opportunities to learn more about the history that has happened in the town.

With Hannibal, Missouri being only a short fifteen minute drive away, it is also home to Mark Twain and there are many different historical landmarks in Hannibal that are cheap to go visit.

A huge attraction is the Mark Twain Caves. There are two caves tours that you can do, one in the dark and one with the lights on.

The prices are $19 for regular admission and if you go with a bigger group the price will go down to $13.

“I have heard of the caves and I have always been interested in going, since the prices are lower if you go with a bigger group, then that would be a great group date,” Alania Rothermich says.

A few other places in Hannibal to visit are the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum, the Optical Science Center and Museum. As well as the Rockcliffe Mansion.

One more spot back in Quincy is the Quincy Community Theatre to see a play or Morrison Theatre to hear the Quincy Symphony Orchestra play.

At QCT, students get $3 tickets with their student ID, this discount is offered on Wednesday nights.

These date nights that students could potentially have are in range with being affordable and fun. Most students don’t think outside the box to look at the more historical sights that Quincy has to offer.

Making time to go on a date can be stressful enough but making sure the financial part of the date is there as well can be stressful for college students who are on a budget.

There are many options for students to go on dates with their significant others that are unique to the Quincy area that most students wouldn’t be able to enjoy anywhere else.

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