Helein Hall Makes Another Change to Lobby

By Trent Champagne

Helein Hall has made another change to the main lobby.

After the fall semester, a table tennis table was placed on the east side of the main lobby. The table tennis table now joins the pool table, which was put in on the west side of the main lobby. 

Table tennis paddles were provided and are hung on the east wall. They are hung next to the bulletin board with information on the current room advisers.

The official table tennis table is green. However, the table tennis in Helein is a bright blue.

The addition of the table tennis table makes the Helein Hall main lobby a place for students to hang out. With many chairs and couches, students can sit around and watch students compete in pool, and now table tennis.

Joshua Candler, resident of the west wing in Helein Hall, likes that his basketball teammates have a place to hang out after practice.

“After practice we usually go eat at the cafe, and instead of us all crowding in someone’s room, we can just hang out in the lobby and play some ping-pong,” Candler said.

There are many students who refer to table tennis as ping-pong. However, table tennis remains the official term.

Another reason most Helein Hall residents enjoy the addition of the table tennis table is the rise in competition. Pool takes awhile to complete, and has a slower pace of play. Table tennis is a back and forth game that is played at a much faster rate.

Justin Warren, resident of the west wing in Helein Hall, likes that games finish must faster, and that more people are able to play.

“Pool is fun but it’s too slow sometimes. We can get a bunch of games way quicker with a bunch of more people playing too. It’s just better,” Warren said.

Outside of Quincy University, there is a way for players of all ages to compete in table tennis.

The Quincy Table Tennis Club meets two nights a week for players of all ages. They meet on Monday and Wednesday nights and members may play either one or two of those nights.

The Quincy Area/Championship is a table tennis tournament which decides who the best player in Quincy is for that year. The Quincy Area/Championship has been around since 1954, when Bob O’Neal won his first of 15 Quincy Area/Championship titles.

There is no cost to become a member, and they accept players of all ages and skill levels. There are also tournaments and competitions members are able to play in as well.

In 2019, Paul Shelor won his seventh Quincy City/Area Championship. They have plenty of junior tournaments as well. 

Braxton Albers did not know about the Quincy Table Tennis Club, but was intrigued.

“It seems like a fun time, I might check it out and see what it’s all about. I’ll definitely need some more practice here first though,” Albers said.

Students will continue to enjoy the new table tennis table in Helein Hall. 

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