Aviation student fees increase for missing class

This is a picture of an old jet at Quincy Regional Airport.

By Wyatt Randolph

Quincy Aviation has changed its policy regarding students canceling their flight times. Due to a large amount of last-minute cancelations from students, Quincy Aviation will now be charging for late cancellations and no shows.

Those who are unable to give their instructor enough notice before their cancelation will be charged $120. Most FOB’s have this policy.

“Instructors who are not on a salary get paid by doing instruction, if a student fails to show, not only is the instructor sitting idle for an instruction period, they lose the income from it,” Brett Teten said.

Its important for aviation students to cancel early the day before, so the instructor is able to contact other students to take up the time. If the slot is not filled, then the instructor does not get paid and the school does not make any money.

“If aviation major students would really put aviation on the first place of their priorities, we as a school would not need to have any cancellation policy,” Frank Dunder said.

Frank believes it is up to the student to motivate themselves to fly, but when the students are not motivating themselves, the school must find a way to motivate them. This policy motivates students through financial responsibility.

Courtney Crane, an aviation major, believes that the policy will be beneficial for the aviation program.

“I think its good. People have to be motivated to go out there. If they are not, they are wasting out time and their money,” Courtney Crane said.

The airport is 11 miles from Quincy University. This distance can cause students to disconnect the importance of attending their flight lessons with the rest of their busy college life.

For those who are worried that the policy may be unfair, there are ways to get the fee waved.

“In the event that the failure to show is unavoidable, due to illness, emergency, etc., the fee can and usually is waived,” Brett Teten said.

If the student has to cancel in the case of something unavoidable and understandable, then they can get out of the fee.

The is already showing benefits to the school and the students. Instructors

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