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By Khalem Caldwell

It has been nearly a month since local and higher education schools took their first steps in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. All schools across America have canceled in-person classes and converted their classes to online learning.

Many students around the country have wondered what’s going to happen next, and want to be updated by their schools, especially college students like Jovani Garriques, who are attending universities which are great distances away.

“I live in Florida and with COVID-19 right now, it won’t be easy to get to Quincy,” Garriques said. “Emailing QU administration, and receiving updates is the only connection between the university and students like myself.”

Quincy University has taken the necessary steps with updating students and parents on information since spring break, when everyone learned that spring break would be extended and classes wouldn’t resume in-person due to the coronavirus outbreak.

On April 7th, Quincy University provided its staff and students with a webinar, via google meets. According to the flyer, sent out via email by Christine Tracy, topics included COVID-19, ethical questions regarding quarantine protocol and the science of how the disease has become an international concern. They also proposed the interesting question of, is ordering takeout unethical?

The speakers included Dr. Jonathan Miles, professor of philosophy and Kimberly Hale, professor of biology. The webinar was hosted by success coach Bredan McCrudden. 

“We could still be doing more,” Hale said. “There isn’t anything stopping a person from entering Illinois, which that person could come into to contact with COVID-19, and leave bringing it back to their state.”

QU provided staff and students with a much needed resource to get information, and to clear any false pretenses one might have.

Students, such as Brooke Walbring, took notice and attended the webinar, and left the session feeling they’ve learned more information on COVID-19.

“The webinar answered a lot of the questions I had,” Walbring said. “The speakers gave out the information in a way many students could keep interest, unlike the news which is boring.”

Along with QU providing a webinar, President Brian McGee provides the student body, parents, and faculty, with daily emails on COVID-19 and with what the university is doing.

President McGee’s daily update emails have varied since he started sending them on March 13th. Some emails are very serious, distributing new information on COVID-19 and the university. Others are uneventful, while President McGee adds a quote or a funny pun, which boosts the mood of most during this time.

Tracy has also sent emails to keep students and parents up to date with online events going in the QU online community. Most importantly, emails have been sent out to students regarding housing and moving out appointments.

While, COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the entire world, Quincy University is doing its part to keep the individuals associated with the university up to date with necessary information.

Photo courtesy of Quincy University
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