Top Places to Take Senior Photos on QU campus

Picture of a QU graduate in front of the school

You are probably thinking, “Wholly Cow, I’m going to graduate in less than a month!” This brings you back to all the memories that you made at Quincy University. How will you remember the past 4 years at QU?

A great way to remember is by capturing the moments! Taking senior photos is all about trying to remember the great times you had and how you will celebrate the past four years. But, you don’t really know where to start with senior photos at QU.

Let’s break this down. You want to remember the highlights of Quincy University in photos. You might bring your friends along, have a cap and gown, or you might want to pop a bottle to celebrate. Here are some places that work for these situations.

Walkway or bench : Quincy University is a small campus, but there are plenty of places to take great photos. Keeping it simple, a walkway or bench is a great starting place. Warm up and get some great shots in your cap with a 2020 tassel!

Field or court: If you are an athlete then you might consider taking photos at the field or court. This is a place to take photos with a jersey or equipment. Most college senior athletes will retire from their sport after they graduate. Taking one last moment to remember the achievements is a great way to keep hold of the memory.

Francis Hall: Where did you spend a lot of time learning Francis Hall or North Campus? These beautiful buildings are a great background to a photo. Francis Hall was built in the late 1800s and is still part of this beautiful campus. That’s true memories!

Fountain: Let’s toast to the past 4 years, ever wanted to get in the fountain? Now is your chance! Get in that fountain and pop your bottle of champagne. What a fun photo to take! 

Big QU Sign: Last but definitely not least. Quincy University has been your home for the past four years. That sign you drive and walk by millions of times with Francis Hall is a great capstone. This final photo is the perfect large photo that will hold a lot in a single photo. 

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