How is Easter celebrated in 2021?

By Chloe Nott

For many, the Easter long-weekend revolves around tradition and time spent with family. For Christians around the world Easter is perhaps the most important time of the year.

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was crucified and placed in a tomb by Romans two days earlier. Good Friday is a day of reflection, as sinners recognize the sacrifice Jesus made to save them. Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus’ resurrection, fulfilling prophecies and defeating death.

Easter occurs at the end of the Lenten season. The date changes each year, but is decided in accordance with the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

While Easter is not considered a national public holiday in the U.S. in many other countries Good Friday and Easter Monday are celebrated and recognized as public holidays. Western European countries that are traditionally Catholic hold various religious events both leading up to and during Easter.

Traditional Easter meals in Europe often consist of lamb, eggs, cheese, and bread or cake. In the UK and several commonwealth countries, chocolate and hot cross buns are particularly popular.

Some popular Easter traditions in the U.S. include attending church services, having Easter egg hunts, and eating an Easter feast for lunch or dinner.

The Easter bunny is a prominent symbol of Easter. However, it’s debated origin remains a mystery. Some believe the Easter Bunny was first a German folklore that came into popularity during the 18th century. Others argue the symbolic rabbit can be traced back to 13th century pagan beliefs. Today, the Easter bunny is a light-hearted symbol of joy and excitement for children.

The Easter Egg Roll is an event hosted by the President of the United States and held on the White House South Lawn. The annual event first took place in 1878 and has continued to take place most years. This year the egg roll and other activities took place virtually due to COVID-19 precautions.

In Quincy, the Eagles Club was able to host it’s annual Easter egg hunt. Families were able to attend the event and kids could collect eggs around the grounds.

With COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease, churches are able to provide in-person services. However, many continue to digitally stream services. In Quincy services took place throughout the day at various churches.

Different denominations have their own traditions and focus’. St. Francis Solanus Parish preached the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion and the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. The Parish had three masses on Easter Sunday, with one being livestreamed.

LifePoint Church also had three services on Easter Sunday with one livestreamed. Whether Catholic or Protestant, new or old, churches across Quincy welcomed the community join in their Easter celebrations.

But for many, the Easter weekend is an opportunity for people to gather together with friends or family. For college students it can mean a chance to visit home, for others a way to simply spend time with loved ones.

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