Alumna Baylee Smith pursuing career goals at supplment superstores

By Jay Hammel

Obtaining employment and landing a specific job upon college graduation can be very strenuous.

According to DO-IT, it takes the average college graduate three to six months to secure employment after graduation.

Former Quincy University student-athlete Baylee Smith graduated from the class of 2020 and was able to secure a position right away at Supplement Superstores in Springfield, IL where she is originally from.

Supplement Superstores, so-called S2, carries thousands of products from hundreds of different brands and is known as the one-stop sports nutrition headquarters.

The first S2 store opened up in 1999 in Springfield, MO by two college students from Southwest Missouri State University (now known as Missouri State University), CEO Andy Frisella and Chris Klein.

In 2006, Supplement Superstores was given a chance to buy a chain of retail stores in St. Louis, Mo.

Smith loves every aspect of her job at S2 and takes pride in helping others for a living.

Within the store, Smith gets to educates driven individuals on what specific nutrition plan works best for them while going over different lifestyle tips that can assist in achieving their aspirations.

“I’m so passionate about it because there are so many different things on social media and all over the internet on certain supplements and how they can help people and it is just so overwhelming”, Smith said. “There is no magic pill that fixes all and we really preach that whenever you come into Supplement Superstores, so we are really passionate about helping people get the results that they want and sustaining that while living the best possible life that they can.”

Outside of the store, Smith has the opportunity to focus on her own physical wellness by working out at different gyms while also getting the chance to make connections with new people.

There are now 13 Supplement Superstores in Missouri and Illinois and they’re about to open up the 14th store.

“One day I hope to open up my own franchise,” Smith said.

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