Women’s lacrosse team lends a hand to paws in need

By Raven Ash

The women’s lacrosse team is out to do more than just have a winning season. The players are also dedicated to displaying the Franciscan values with their will to serve.

The team spends every Tuesday afternoon volunteering at the Quincy Humane Society.

The Quincy Humane Society is a no-kill shelter and a non-profit organization. Because the shelter is privately funded, it relies heavily on volunteers to provide the best care to the animals awaiting their forever homes.

During their visits, the lacrosse team spends their time socializing the shelter animals. The team takes the dogs out for their afternoon walks to provide them with exercise and affection. They also spend time playing with the cats.

“After a long day of classes, I get to play with dogs and they just make me feel better,” Katlin Soriano, lacrosse player, said.

Not only does socializing the animals help the team de-stress, but socialization is also an integral part of the volunteer program. Animals that are properly socialized are more likely to be adopted.

To find more information about how to become a Quincy Humane Society volunteer, visit http://www.quincyhumanesociety.org

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