Campus ministry strives for engagement

Quincy University is a campus of Catholic, Christian, and Franciscan values and practices. Campus Ministry strives to help explore and grow students engagement in their faith journeys.

The University offers mass on campus and other religious opportunities.

Opportunities for worship are offered multiple times throughout the week. St. Francis Solanus Chapel, the campus chapel, is open from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm for personal prayer and meditation. The chapel also offers reusable books, bibles, prayer cards, reflections, and rosaries in the rear.

Campus Ministry offers mass times and worship hours along with other faith-driven activities. Times can be found on the Quincy ministry page on the website.

Many students, faculty, and staff have noticed a newly updated club list within the religious orientation. This list of possible clubs to join can be found on the ministry tab on the QU site as well as an email that was recently sent out by the Director of Campus Ministries Jessica Howell.

This year is Howell’s first year as director of Campus Ministries. Already the campus is experiencing large differences in ministry exposure and experiences. In past years Quincy has struggled to really involve students in campus faith activities. Howell is out to change that narrative.

“The vision works hand in with our mission. We want to give student the most uplifting opportunities for engagement,” Howell said. “I want to bring all of these learning and questioning individuals together and show them they have so many opportunities to grow and express their thoughts and ask their question. I want them to know they have a safe place and tons of other questioning souls even here on campus that are just like them. They are not alone.”

Quincy hired Howell to bring an updated modern look to what a life with Christ could look like for many students. Howell now helps Campus Ministry, faith clubs and groups, and any campus faith gathering.

Campus Ministry has worked to create several opportunities for students to engage in the scripture and their spiritual callings. Retreats, mission trips, and other prayer circles and praise and worship groups have been created to encourage students to explore new paths and ways of exploring their faith.

Howell along with various others have driven Quincy’s Campus Ministry into new and exciting directions that has resulted in more engagement throughout campus.

“I was once in the same boat as many. A college student still trying to find their identity. I was starting to ask so many question and even started questioning my purpose. I got to a point where partying and superficial friendships, relationship, and commitments were just making me so empty. I was constantly drained especially once leaving my so called friends and coming down from the party high. I wanted the joy and the beauty and the radiating happiness that I saw in so many Christ followers,” Howell said.

Howell is striving to take the curious questions and turn them into committed ideas of where students want their lives to go. Whether you are Catholic, Christian, or any other faith, Campus Ministry is geared to accommodate all religious views.

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