The Early Tin Dusters Roll into Q-Town

On Friday October 15, 2021, through Sunday October 17, The Early Tin Dusters rolled into town for their annual weekend long event. All weekended The Tin Dusters had several events taking place all over in Quincy, Illinois.

The Early Tin Dusters is an organization of people with classic pre-1949 cars. Every year in the fall the Tin Dusters host a weekended full of events in Quincy, Illinois. During this weekended money is also raised and given back to another organization called Camp Callahan. A schedule of events is posted, and the public is welcome to join in on any of the events and check out all the cars. People from all over the tri-states bring their cars to showcase them during this weekend.

“I have been attending Tin Dusters for roughly 12 years now,” Jerry Rajnoha, Sullivan, Missouri said. “Even last year when the event was cancelled due to COVID-19, my wife and I still came to Quincy for the weekend around this time.”

Jerry and his wife Marry Rajnoha think that the absence of the event last year due to COVID-19 ended up influencing attendance this year. They both mentioned how attendance seemed lower this year compared to previous years.

“This is our most favorite event to come to,” Marry Rajnoha, Sullivan, Missouri said. “We look forward to this event every year and I hope that it will always continue to exist.”

Saturday October 16 was the Show and Shine event where the cars were lined up all over Washington Park. The shiny, restored cars were parked there for the day so the public could walk around and enjoy them. There were many different vendors present. There was anything from craft booths to auto parts, as well as food and drink stands available. This event brings attention and creates much engagement to Quincy’s downtown area.

“We love staying in town and visiting downtown Quincy,” Marry Rajnoha said. “All of us girls love to walk around downtown and take time to check out all the stores and do some shopping.”

“Economically this event does do a lot for our city,” Nancy Rost, Quincy, Illinois said. “This event boosts all of our restaurants, our retail, and the hotels.”

Quincy hotels have always been where this couple would stay for the weekend like many other fellow Tin Dusters. But this year was the first time Jerry and Marry choose not to stay in town.

“There’s only one downfall to this event and it is not this event in particular,” Jerry Rajnoha said. “These hotels are becoming way too expensive and are going after every dollar that you have. In the past it was roughly under $100 a night but now it is close to $170 a night. So, we choose to stay in Hannibal, Missouri, because hotels are much cheaper.”

“Anymore it seems like the city is losing money during these events,” Rost said. “There’s just not enough accommodations anymore for people. Retail, restaurants, and the accommodations are three big things that people look forward to while they are here. We need more businesses brought back into this area.”

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