QU students take on “Movember”

By Michele Barletta

Don’t be surprised if you see a few furry upper lips on campus this month. Students at Quincy University have decided to do their part and join in on “Movember.”

Movember is the leading charity worldwide, that’s changing the face of men’s health, literally. The idea behind “no shave November” comes from the idea that the mustache will get people talking. It’s believed to be a great conversation starter and open up a dialogue of men’s mental health, breaking the stigma surrounding men and their emotions.

David Fitzgerald is a student at QU who has decided to keep the razor in his drawer this month and let the hair on his top lip grow freely.

“By growing the mustache I’m trying to join millions of people around the world who don’t shave for this month, so that it will become easier for men to open up,” Fitzgerald said.

It’s known that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to rock the mustache, which is why the Movember foundation has come up with something called “Move for Movember.”

Nick Chapman, another student at QU, is doing his part in raising awareness by moving 60 miles throughout the month, in recognition of the 60 men, worldwide, who lose their life to suicide every hour.

“I don’t really grow much facial hair so this is how I am trying to raise awareness,” Chapman said.

You can move in whatever way suits you. Wether it be running, walking, or cycling.

“The fact that we lose that many men to suicide every hour is very alarming, and its a stat that I’m surprised more people don’t know about,” Chapman said.

Movember isn’t only about mental health and suicide prevention. It’s also an effort to bring attention to prostate and testicular cancer. The mustache is meant to encourage men to be checked more often and be a symbol of unity and support for those already diagnosed.

There are a number of resources and charities that work with Movember, which is exactly where the donations will go. A full breakdown of the finances can be found on their official website.

2020 saw $99.5 million raised for men’s health, and they’re aiming for even more this year.

“On the website, you can create what they call a ‘Mo Space,’ which is where you can track your progress and set donation goals,” Chapman said. “This is what you share with friends and family to try and get them to donate for your efforts.”

College can often be stressful and the main reason for a lot of young people’s mental health issues. And that’s exactly why young men like Fitzgerald have joined in the movement.

“I have friends who have struggled with mental health before, no matter how small or big, I want to make sure everyone knows we can always talk about it,” Fitzgerald said.

Although Movember is emphasized this time of the year, the organization does fundraising and workshops all year round.

Hopefully there will be a few more furry faces at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table this year.

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