Families gather to support Hall of Fame inductees

Quincy University’s athletic department held its annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday, March 26. The event took place in the Hall of Fame room located in the Health and Fitness Center. 

The Hall of Fame ceremony is held to recognize athletic excellence in years past.

The induction ceremony welcomed nine new inductees to the Hall of Fame. The 2022 Hall of Fame class included two teams, two volunteers, and five individual athletes.  

Team Inductees:

Meritorious Inductees:

  • Harold Mast
  • Gerold Mast

Individual Inductees:

“They were all winners. They did what it took to be successful…. Hard work, dedication, and commitment to follow your passion. When you have all these you get recognized,” Josh Rabe, athletic director, said.

Family and friends play such an important part of every athlete’s life.

“They were always there. They were always so supportive, even if it meant sitting through long cold spring games,” inductee Kyle Pryor said.

“They drove me everywhere and sat through countless practices, games, tournaments, and meetings. I am thankful for my parents and our trips together. Together we spent hours talking, singing, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. Thank you isn’t enough for all they did for me over the years. There are so many days that I sit and wonder how I got so lucky to have such an amazing family,” Jennifer Niemiera, inductee, said.

It was important to QU to honor the members’ journeys to success but to also applaud the loved ones that helped make it all possible.

“The collegiate years, specifically when it comes to athletics, is a huge stepping stone in these athletes’ journey and transition into the real world. It is really the last point right before these students spread their wings and families are a huge portion of that path to success. They are such a crucial part of that process so it’s important to have them here to share such a special day with those people,” Rabe said. 

“We like doing what we’re doing. Meeting new people and having fun,” Jerry Mast, inductee, said.

There are now over 200 Hall of Fame members.

For more information about the hall of fame you can contact Quincy university alumni services at 217-228-5226 or on the web at Quincy.edu.

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