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With the current inflation rate, gas prices, and the overall cost of living, it is important for students to have financial support. Quincy University does provide the majority of its students with financial aid to help cover the cost of tuition, but to afford necessary items some students need a job.

QU Senior, Serena Mendiola, has had a variety of jobs on campus since freshman year.

“My freshman year I started working as a student ambassador. So they work in admissions, answering phone calls and giving tours on campus. My sophomore year I worked as a resident assistant, that was my first year being an RA, I was in Garner. I was also an orientation leader as well, they help the freshmen coming in during orientation,” Mendiola said. 

Mendiola further explained that while she did qualify and do federal work study her first two years it was more beneficial for her to work non-work-study positions. This allowed her to receive money for expenses like groceries rather than have her check go towards tuition.

Some jobs on campus that are not federal work study include working in the Cafe, working as a lifeguard and working at the front desk in the HFC. However, other jobs like being a student ambassador, working in admissions, and working for the art department have a designation of federal work-study required.

If students do not know if they qualify for federal work study, it is listed on their financial awards paperwork. If still unsure, it is best to contact the financial services office.

Many students do not know where to find job listings for on-campus work. The job listings are posted on a board outside of the financial services office. However it is important to note the bolded font near the bottom the job listing to see if federal work study is required or not.

“Generally you would contact whoever the contact person listed on the job listing is. Then once you have interviewed with them and they have hired you, if it’s work study then you come to our office and fill out the work study contract so that we get all the paperwork that HR needs, like your identification and things like that. If you are not in work study then you would start in the HR office,” Kristi Shelton, associate director of student financial services, said. 

However, to make sure the job listed on the board is still available, it is best to first contact the email listed on the job listing. This is important as the job listings board has not been updated for the current spring semester. 

Some students who are working jobs on campus agree that not having to leave campus to work is a great convenience. They also thought because the job is connected to the school, students are able to easily negotiate hours.

Finding work on campus can be particularly helpful for international students. Due to visa requirements, international students have very limited job opportunities, even on campus. Melina Eresbey, a student worker for the Cafe, found one job she could have.

“I actually found out about the job because of the emails in the beginning of the semester. I had free time and I wanted to work, so I just emailed Joe. He told me the hours I have to work and then I had to get my social security number. That took a couple weeks, but after that I started working and it was just fine,” Eresbey said. 

As an international student, Eresbey is required to go through more steps to be hired. First she needed a note from the school saying where she intended to work on-campus. Eresbey then had to visit the social security office in Quincy with the note. Internationals must then fill out paperwork and wait for their information to be processed, which can take several weeks, in order for their social security number can be mailed to the school. Only when they are able to provide their social security number can they start working.

For internationals without a means of transportation to the office or without the knowledge of the process, getting a job on campus can seem daunting. However anyone with questions, international or not, can contact financial services for help.

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