Band members love new uniforms

This is a picture of two QU band members.

There is something about new uniforms. The feeling, the excitement, everything about it just makes you feel good. No matter what it’s for, band or sport, it is always an exciting time.

That is no different for the Quincy University band, which got new uniforms this year. The uniforms were on full display for the first time this Sept. 1 at QU’s first football game of the season.

The QUBand has been looking for new uniforms for about a year. They started fundraising a year ago and were able to get them by the time this school year started. A lot can change in a year, and it has for the QU band.

“We haven’t had uniforms since Phil and I both started and we’re the same year. We started fundraising about a year ago,” said Colby Schultz.

Being able to get enough fundraising in just a year is no small feat. Especially when you consider the cost that goes into getting brand new uniforms. That is something that can take some time in doing.

“We raised about $35-36 thousand,” said Schultz.

Raising that much money can be difficult, but the band got it done, and now they can rock their new uniforms, and feel good doing it.

The band says the new uniforms fit really well. It makes for better performances when you feel good during it.

“They’re amazing, they fit well, the jackets are also very wind resistant, the uniforms in general look very sharp,” said Phillip Haverstock.

The uniforms are black, with white, gold, and brown going diagonally down the front. The Quincy University logo is on it as well, on the left side on the chest. There are brand new hats too.

Band members say these uniforms will make for better performances all around.

“I think we look super sharp; it really adds another element to our performances, I think we sound great and now we are going to look even better,” said Schultz.

The band got to finally show off the uniforms, and people in the stands could tell they loved doing it. Right before the game, when the band took the field to perform, attendees could feel the excitement.

Band members have been proud of how they sound, now they can be even more proud about how they look. These uniforms are a representation of how hard they work for the school.

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