Students who submit their own work orders see shorter response times

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As students have settled into their buildings they have begun to notice problems that need to be fixed. Instead of waiting for a resident assistant or residence director to submit a work order, students can submit one themselves.

“I feel like this will be helpful honestly, more will get done and less problems will be there. I wouldn’t say urgently, but over time more will be fixed. Because I feel like there are more lingering problems that don’t really get addressed that can now be easily submitted,” Arthur Tate, a Willer Hall resident, said. 

Instructions on how to submit a work order.
Instructions on how to submit a work order through the proper ticket system.

The amount of work orders placed can play a role in how quickly the problem is addressed. The time at which the order is placed is also a factor in how quickly the work order should be fulfilled.

With an influx of work orders in the beginning of the year, it could be important that the resident themself fills out one even before their resident assistant. 

“I personally haven’t tried to put in my own work order. My air conditioning unit had broke this summer and it was really hot in my room. I’m the type of person I sleep, like it has to be really cold when I sleep. And I could not sleep, it was like two to three days,” RJ Gippleh, Student Living Center resident, said.

A work order being submitted does not necessarily mean that it can be immediately resolved when maintenance arrives. More complex problems like air conditioning problems often take more than one visit by maintenance to fix the problem.

“I don’t feel like the students will actually go in and do it on their own. I feel like they would just put it back on us to just do it for them. I feel like that creates a lot more work, not only for me but for other staff as well. It would make it easier if they did them because we have a lot of paperwork ourselves when we are on duty. I feel like that is one thing that would lessen the load for us,” Faith Haggard, resident assistant, said. 

It is important that every maintenance problem be submitted as soon as possible in case it hints at a larger building problem. Such as when various buildings, including Friars’ Hall and the SLC, had to have their building air conditioning system shut off for maintenance. 

There are also issues where a more urgent fix is needed for students, such as flooding in a Willer Hall that has occurred this year. After a call from a student, a resident assistant must follow the process to get in contact with emergency maintenance. Emergency maintenance can be called in at any time to fix immediate problems, like the flooding in Willer Hall. 

This is not the first year students have been able to submit a work order as the information was shared by the school previously. However more posters showing the process have been posted around residence halls this year.

“A couple of times our toilet broke and it was just convenient to submit a work order because they were up within an hour,” Meagan Mero, a student living center resident said. 

Students submitting work orders may be able to cut the time for a maintenance problem to be submitted and fixed. Students should check their residence hall bulletin board for information on the maintenance order ticketing system. 

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