Power in communication given to the students

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Here at Quincy University it could all depend on who you know, because what you read could not be true. The handbook goes unread by the majority of the student body, one would suppose that to be an issue, but since the school does not enforce its handbook protocols some of the rules have lost validity.  

Even the most common conceptions within the student body about something simple, like dorm room violations, are wrong. For example, Quincy University students can have an air fryer this semester because it doesn’t have open coils. Some students on campus can probably remember rushing to hide theirs just last semester for room checks.

The change went largely unnoticed because the only found notification was an update made to the packing checklist on the school’s website. This document change shows that some previously banned products are now allowed in dorms, however the ambiguous wording still leaves the fear of that standard $75 fine. 

Besides the lack of communication on campus, there is also a lack of standard practice. Since the university does not enforce its written policies, any act to actually stick to them could result in a student taking legal action. Because if a rule is followed for one person and not another it could be considered discrimination. 

Meaning that this is an important time for students to communicate with each other. If a friend is fined and you are not for the same infraction, that’s important. If the school authorities had already officially stated you won’t be punished for that same action, you can fight your friend’s punishment. Schools don’t get the right to pick and choose when they get to follow their own protocols. 

The theme of clear communication being a problem for Quincy University is apparent in how the news was shared that the prices for next year will be raised. Instead of sending out the email in the middle of the day the email was sent on October 30 at almost 10 p.m., a Sunday at a time where most students don’t check emails. 

Notification of tuition increase for upcoming school year at Quincy University.
Email stating that tuition will be increased by 8.9% for the next school year as well as $440 being charged next semester.

When the news did spread around campus students were surprised, as the university had just had locked its tuition two years before.

The release of the notification of tuition change, which will effect students immediately with a fee of $440 next semester, is is in sharp contrast to when others are sent. One of the most recent emails with important information regards final exam protocol, which was released at the peak time when all students are out of class. 

Email stating protocol for exam week, as some students try to head home early.
Email sent in the early evening to inform students that final exams can not be rescheduled.

Quincy University can continue to have unclear communication and rules, but that does not stop students from holding their institution to a standard. The school’s flaws have put students in a position of power to determine how they want rules to apply to them. 

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