HFC times affect students’ workouts

Quincy University has a lot of student athletes on campus, who like to lift and play other sports during their off time.

QU students and student athletes all like to be active during their free time so they head to the Health and Fitness Center where they can swim, play basketball, work out or even get in a nice jog. There is problem with the HFC, the HFC hours on the weekends are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. These times are an issue for some students since some like to work out or play basketball on the weekends but with such a short time period to go do that that it is very crowded and not a lot of space to do that.

“I like going to the HFC during my free time to go and shoot some hoops,” Ryan Carolan said. “It is very nice that we have the opportunity to go and workout or play basketball at the HFC, but it is annoying on the weekends because sometimes the weight room is packed or there aren’t enough courts to even play basketball on.”

More students have problems with the HFC on the weekend due to the hours. Some students like to work out during the night or early in the morning but with the hours on the weekends that isn’t always possible. Students try to work around the hours so they can get their stuff done but do express that it would be nice to have some better times that the HFC is open.

“I really like going to the HFC during the morning to a get a workout in since there are only a few people in there but with the times on Sunday that isn’t even possible,” Andrew Xenakis said. “With the HFC opening at noon it makes it tough to go and workout because there is only a six hour time period where you can go so the weight room is usually packed. It would be very nice if the HFC was open the same time on Sunday as it is on Saturday so I can work out and not have to wait for people to be done with the equipment I want to use.”

Students can be seen working out in the
weight room through windows that overlook an empty
basketball court in the Health and Fitness Center.

Students know how nice it is to have the HFC and it be open every day but they want it to have better hours so they can get their stuff done during the times they want to. There are a lot of student athletes and they like their weekends and would like to go work out whenever they want not any certain time.

“I go to the HFC to do a lot of things, shoot hoops, work out and even go in the hot tub,” Colin FitzGerald said. “I really wish there was a way to make the time the HFC is open longer because on the weekends I like to relax for a while then go workout but with the times, I don’t have a choice.”

Students love that they get to have the HFC and that it is open every day but wish that they could open up longer on the weekends so they could work out so it isn’t so packed.

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